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Made mostly for me to keep my head around the dates of editing, a timeline of the events before and leading up to my story. Contains spoilers for the various drafts of http://www.protagonize.com/story/of-jackets-and-phones-third-draft


January – Andrew Smith is born in Lytham St Anne’s, Lancashire

June – Caroline Peterson is born in a small village to the south of Oxford. She spends her childhood there, though attends a college in Oxford in her later teens.

12th August – Elizabeth Craig is born in Oxford



May – Joshua Craig is born in Oxford. Elizabeth and Josh take to each other instantly.



Elizabeth gets into St. Benedict’s School, Oxford.

Mr. Smith moves his family across the country to work at St, Benedict’s as Head of Physical Education, prompting Andrew and his cousin to be moved to Oxford and applied into the school, despite their reluctance. Andrew gets into the school, but his cousin fails to and he boards in London.



Joshua joins his sister at St. Benedict’s.



Joshua and Andrew meet and quickly strike up a friendship, despite the former being neat, Catholic and geeky, and the latter being sporty, wild and faithless. When Josh brings Andy home, he meets Elizabeth and they feel a mutual attraction. Although being in the same school year, they’ve never met or really seen each other.

The more time Andrew spends at the Craig, the closer Andrew and Elizabeth grow. Eventually, they kiss and begin a relationship. Joshua is delighted.

June – At a mixed hockey match, Andrew meets Caroline Peterson, a sporty and flirtatious girl. She’s bright, but comes from a lesser-off family and has occasions of crudeness.

In a short time, Caroline and Elizabeth grow close. Andrew and Elizabeth go to the St. Benedict’s Year 11 Ball not as a pair, but, via Elizabeth’s idea to involve her brother more, as singles with plus one to let Joshua and Caroline come to. Once there, Andrew and Elizabeth split into their couple and Josh and Caroline hang out.

Andrew and Elizabeth spend the night together.

September – Andrew goes to Oxford College to study Chemistry, which he has grown surprisingly fond of during his time at St. Benedict’s, perhaps due to watching a fair number of thriller films involving improvised explosive devices. There he meets Caroline Peterson. She’s kind of annoying, but attractive, and their mutual disinterest in the necessity of education draws them to the same parties. Andrew introduces Caroline to Elizabeth.



December – After an active sexual relationship, Elizabeth finds out she is pregnant. She tells Andrew, who suggests it’s best for them to run away, and Elizabeth, confused and distressed, doesn’t see how contrary moving into a recently-abandoned warehouse is. Andrew destroys Elizabeth’s last letter to her brother.



When the police cannot find Elizabeth, her family and friends despair. Caroline drops out of college when she cannot concentrate on her course. In consolation and sharing memories of the girl they were both close to, Caroline and Joshua share a kiss. Although both are uneasy about their feelings for the other, they begin a relationship built on sorrow.

Andrew, tight-lipped, goes on as usual. Her passes his Chemistry course at Oxford college and gets into Greenwich University to study Chemistry in October, staying with his cousin to save on housing.

September – Elizabeth gives birth to a daughter in the warehouse and names her Alicia Craig-Smith before passing out from the pain. She later haemorrhages and dies when Andrew refuses to take her to a hospital. Alicia, however, survives, and, although scrawny, finds a living in the dark of the warehouse. Andrew moves her to a paid daycare whilst he’s at uni, but keeps her in the warehouse when he’s in Oxford.

Joshua stays on at St. Benedict’s Sixth Form and convinces Caroline to join him if they can spend time together in Music, Chemistry, Religious Studies and Biology. Miraculously, she gets in and studies Music, Chemistry, and IT.

The friends lose touch, but none of them particularly mind; with Elizabeth’s loss, it’s to be expected.



March – Agnetha King is born



Joshua and Caroline complete their studies. Joshua applies and gets into Reading University to study Biology, though he, still lost after his sister’s disappearance, doesn’t know what career he wants. Caroline is the same. She applies for a generic shop job and whilst she keeps it, she’s not happy with her place.

Because he has to move away, Joshua breaks up with Caroline. He has a couple of flings with other women, but nobody catches his eye in the way Caroline has done. He’s not ready for a deep relationship anyway.



Benny King is born.

Andrew starts a teaching degree at the University of London. As he moves into a modest apartment, he keeps five-year-old Alicia with him.

Joshua finishes his degree. He starts working in a Reading nature reserve, but his heart is not in it.



April – September. Mrs. King finds out that Mr. King has been having an affair. They divorce and Mr. King moves back to France with his mistress, where they start trying for a baby.



Andrew applies for a post teaching science at St. Christopher’s Secondary School, Oxford. He still has the keys to the warehouse and moves Alicia back there whilst searching for a flat of his own.

Whilst there, Andrew decides to reconnect with Caroline, who is equally delighted to see him again. They quickly catch up. Andrew can’t help thinking how attractive Caroline has grown. He asks her out, but she rejects him, being already in a sexual relationship with a new man, for whom she evidently cares little. However, seeing Andrew’s career success, Caroline grows even more jealous of him, sparking a sizzling tension they both hesitantly deny.

October – Joshua gets into Oxford University for Music with Theology.



Caroline and Josh meet by coincidence. After a night out, they kiss and agree to renew their relationship, since they clearly want to be a couple again. Caroline tells Andrew, who, as well as feeling disappointed, is afraid Joshua will find out about Alicia.

Caroline loses her job in the shop – she’s happy about this, but still not satisfied. She has trouble getting another job.



Unimpressed by her attitude to life, Joshua breaks up with Caroline. They soon reconcile, but are on-off for a while. One of these times, Andrew propositions Caroline again, but she turns him down, despite their attraction.  

One of Caroline’s friends introduces her the profession of stripping. There, Caroline, who still cannot find a job, starts offering her service as an escort. Her men pay adequately, but she will not cheat on Joshua when they are together, leaving her in an uncertain financial state.



To deal with the stress of having a ten-year-old daughter, teaching her to live, learn and exist at the same time as teaching others, Andrew starts gambling and playing bridge. One of his new friends introduces him to Cannabis to deal with the stress. It makes him erratic and more confident to the point of aggression.

Upon finishing his Masters, Josh is worried about his future. Andrew encourages Joshua to apply for the temporary position of organist for the 2005 year. He does so, and the position eventually becomes one of teaching when he realises there will be a vacancy for a music teacher position.

Joshua moves back to the Craig home to look after her elderly parents.



March – Caroline and Joshua have trouble fighting their attraction being in the same town. After almost a year of being apart again and seeing each other only through Andrew, they agree to work on their relationship again.

June – Caroline falls into debt, threatened to lose her meagre place. She goes to Joshua, begging for money. He refuses her a straight handout, but suggests they get married so that they have a joint account and she gets ‘free board’ living in the Craig home, now he’s moved back.



April – Agnetha gets into a fight with a boy at her school. She and the boy are expelled, and Mrs. King, who endured a private school when she was younger, applies Agnetha to the cheapest of the private schools in their area: St. Christopher’s Secondary, to start year eight in the new year.

July – An intoxicated Andrew leaves his mobile in the warehouse when he goes out one evening. Joshua leaves a voice-message, which Alicia deduces is about her mother, whom Andrew has told her about. She has an uncle.

September – At St. Christopher’s, Joshua gets lost on his first day, but ends up meeting Agnetha on the second floor. Something tugs at his heart. He takes to her like the daughter he’s never had – or some remembrance of his lost sister.




February – Joshua’s father dies of a heart attack, leaving a warm, though not substantial, inheritance to Joshua, his mother and Caroline.

August – After she flirts with yet another man in her friend’s club, Joshua has had enough with Caroline. He agrees to keep his promise to house her – and, after all, his religion denies him a divorce, even though the marriage is a farce – but he feels so betrayed that he cannot continue a romantic relationship with her.

September – Alicia manages to leave the warehouse when one of the homeless men looking after her doesn’t turn up. She cold-calls Joshua, but cannot bring herself to tell him who she is.



February – Andrew finally persuades Caroline to sleep with him. She shows symptoms of depression and Andrew shares some of his Methamphetamines/Cannabis with her. Whilst he has been alright, she gets addicted to the stuff quickly, using it as a crutch to help her feel better. Andrew manipulates her by controlling her dosages.

April 2nd – April 8th: Joshua and Andrew go to Jordan.

April 5th – April 13th: Agnetha, Benny and Mrs. King go to Jordan.

24th April – After seeing him with Caroline together, Joshua rounds on Andrew, who admits that they’ve been having a relationship. Joshua is offended – he is still protective of Caroline and perhaps he hoped they’d get back together. “You took my sister, and now you’re content to take my wife!”

They argue and Caroline walks in on one argument.

30th April – Andrew gathers the courage to finally tell Joshua about Alicia. Josh is angry, but agrees to sleep on the matter. When he goes to work the following day, he demands to see his niece, but Andrew implicitly refuses; he’s afraid of the two Craigs meeting.

Friday 1st May – Joshua Craig is found dead in the library of St. Christopher’s Secondary School

Wednesday 6th May – Andrew Smith is arrested for the murder.

Friday 8th May – Joshua Craig’s funeral

The End

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