An 'Innocent' Day

Following that little 'mishap' were so many more, ones that ended up with my parents in humiliation.

I remember one particular event that I'd only heard about but never had the chance of witnessing it. There was a house-opening ceremony being carried out in their new house and my family was invited. My grandma said she wanted to go and though my mom said she didn't want to, my dad insisted.

And so we went. I was young at that time and didn't harbor much resentment towards my aunt and cousins. So I had no clue how to feel but bounced along with my parents and brother.

The day passed by normally for me. And it had been a 'normal' day for me for the years that followed until my mom told me the truth of what had happened.

During the time when we were having breakfast at their house, my brother and I had been seated in a different area than my parents. We didn't know what had happened due to us not actually being there but the purposefully done 'incident' had brought humiliation upon my father.

The End

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