Cold Laughter

Since when did I care about unworthy people being in church? Since when had I ever cared about my religion in the first place? I guess I just wanted a reason to justify my hatred towards the presence of those two people, and that was the best one I could come up with.

Illogical? Yes. Definitely.

But necessary? I think so.

My mom had noticed too but didn't say a word, as if she didn't even want to acknowledge their existence. I followed her footsteps, doing the same and by the time mass ended, I had composed a perfectly calm mask like usual.

So when I resulted in 'bumping' into them outside, while we were putting on our sandals again, all I could do is give  a forced smile and make some small talk with them. The only reason why they were even talking to me was because they wanted to talk to my grandma (who actually was biased towards them).

And I hated being rude. But how I desired to be to them, it was crazy.

All I could really do is laugh at myself.

The End

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