Going To Church

Let me make a note here before I indulge into the contents of this memory: I wasn't quite religious. Wasn't. Back then, I'd had my fair share of doubts on the existence of God. My faith wasn't strong, and I only went to church because my parents told me to. I had no real interest and my beliefs in religion were rather...well I didn't have any. 

So when my parents said, "let's go to church! Get dressed! We're getting late!", I'd only groan and slowly inch away from the computer (during which time, I specifically remember being addicted to Protagonize. I'd been taking part in a rather fun collab and it was at these times that my parents would tell me to get ready for church).

After getting changed into suitable church wear clothes (usually jeans and a top - casual) I would follow my parents and grandma out after locking the house. St. Sebastian's Church was only a good twenty minute walk away. My parents preferred not to take an auto (taxi) when we could use the exercise. My grandma didn't mind walking either and we usually did, with my parents behind us as my grandma and I walked side by side ahead of them.

We normally talked, about God. More so my grandma than me. I usually was quiet on these walks, making sure I was on the right side of the road and keeping an eye out on my parents.

When we neared the church however, the silence started. 

The End

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