My 'Some Day'

There are some days that you wake up in the morning and think : What in the world am I doing? You question the purpose of each and every element of your life and try to find a solution to the problems that you have. Perfection, you strive for yet you know deep inside that you'll never actually have it. Because, as everyone in this world says, there's no such thing.

On other days, you wake up with no real hope of things changing and just go on with what life's given you because you feel like you have no choice. What's the use in chasing something that'll only distance itself away from you the harder you run? Dreams remain dreams, goals impossible to score.

I kept switching back between these alternatives of how to spend days in my life through out the summer. I didn't even know how to differentiate between them some times because I'd grown accustomed to the way my life had been going.

A continual series of events that continued to have an impact on me followed that spectacular visit to the supermarket. But each and every other time, I was prepared. 

The End

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