Angry and Hurt

Anger broke out onto the surface and I could no longer control myself. Grabbing the edge of my father's sleeve, I dragged him down the street. We passed them on the way but I didn't dare look in their direction, in fear of doing something stupid like smacking Benetta across the face if I did.

Not that she didn't deserve it. She did. She deserved no respect from me, after the way she just looked at me. Full of pride and hate in her glare... How could family be treated like that?

I managed to hold back the dam that was just on the brink of escape, biting down hard on my tongue as curses formed on the tip. My dad didn't say anything as we walked back home. Silence existed. But it was better that way.

I was afraid to open my mouth, knowing that I would be an uncontrollable well of emotions if I did.

The End

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