I'm Right Here. Can You Not See Me? (Part 5)

I've always hated Benetta.

No, wait.

Hate is too strong a word. It's too strong an emotion. If I hated anyone, it would be...oh, well that's a completely different issue at hand. But let's just settle with 'despise'. I despised Benetta so very much.

She had this pompous attitude, displaying herself in a proud and almost arrogant manner. She looked down on people, even treating adults with disrespect if she thought they were not 'like her'.

I've always known one thing as a child - each of us have our worlds. You have yours, and I have mine. Benetta had hers. But it was one world I could never fully understand.

I don't know what irritated me more:  having seen her at all or having been treated invisible by my own so-called family. And now, they'd seen dad. And you know what really pushed me over the edge? The thing that made me want to hurt them badly?

In that second when they acknowledged my father's presence, Benetta connected her gaze with mine. And in that short second, she sent me the most blood-boiling glare ever. As if I was lower than her.

And in that second, I snapped.  

The End

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