I'm Right Here. Can You Not See Me? (Part 3)

Forcing a smile to my lips, I watched them with guarded eyes, unsure of what to expect. But they diverted their gaze away from me, not even once looking back at the surface of the floor I was standing on.

So this is the treatement I get? After having not seen them for years...this is their way of saying 'hello'. What more should I have expected? This family had fallen apart. And I knew that. I just couldn't face it.

But I didn't feel any pain when they turned away. Only anger, bubbling through me and just waiting to be released onto the surface. Once I paid for everything at the counter, I stormed out the supermarket, telling my father, "Let's go."

He looked surprised at the tone I used, ferocious if not close to the verge of tears. One of my weaknesses is that I cry when I'm angry. And my voice shook just as my heart did.

Were things ever going to get better?

The End

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