I'm Right Here. Can You Not See Me? (Part 2)

What should I have done? Run for the hills? Ignored them? Screamed out and given them a hug?

I did none of those. Instead, I stood rooted to the spot, eyes wide. It had been a rather long amount of time before I'd seen the two of them. Benetta had grown taller and a little chubbier, and Aunt Ruba looked worse than she had before. Sickly and thin.

I'm not sure if I wanted them to have acknowledged me but they did. My gaze met Benetta's cold one and she cut it off immediately, turning to her mother and whispering something I couldn't hear. Aunt Ruba glanced in my direction, not even looking at my face to confirm who I was.

Who was I? A murderer? Or outcast?

No, I was just the daughter of her younger sister. Yet there was this secrecy, this hesitance involved with even saying a simple 'hello'. Why did there have to be one? It still didn't make any sense to me.

The End

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