I'm Right Here. Can You Not See Me? (Part 1)

One rather quiet and happy day, my mum wanted me to go to the supermarket which was only a five-minute walk from the house. We were running low on provisions and she wanted me to go get some. But, apparently, I was too young to shop alone (I believe I must have been ten or eleven years of age) and since my communication skills in my language are a little low, I would have had a hard time finding what I needed.

So instead, my dad accompanied me on our little visit. We walked together, talking and making the usual chatter about the vacation. What we both hadn't been expecting was to see them.

Dad and I took around fifteen minutes, getting all we needed before going to the counter to pay for it. Since there was a long queue, Dad left me to take care of things (I'm good with numbers) and said he'd be outside, talking with one of his friends who runs a business located on the side of the supermarket. Of course I went through with it, I was actually a little proud of the fact he thought I could at least deal with handling the payments.

While I waited, I observed quietly. That's what I do. I look around at my surroundings, watch people and their families, sometimes talk to little kids who are too adorable to be left alone. Maybe if I just hadn't been doing that that evening, I wouldn't have seen them.

Aunt Ruba and Benetta.

The End

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