A Little Bit About My Cousins

So here's some background information about my cousins before I delve into some experiences I've had with them so you have a little bit of understanding in how exactly my 'family' is structured.

I am the youngest of the cousin-group, the baby of the family. I'm only going to be considering my mother's side as I've never met any of my cousins from my father's side of the family. My mom has an older brother and sister, as I have mentioned previously.

The middle-sibling is the brother, let's call him Uncle Rob, and he has a daughter and a son, both very close to my age named Nancy and Reno (fake names again to respect their privacy).

The oldest sibling is Ruba, my mother's sister, who also has a daughter and a son named Benetta and Benny (unoriginal of me, I know but bear with me for the sake of my life story).

I can't say I love them, considering it's been quite a lot of time since I actually hung out with them...more than...has it really been? More than seven years. I wonder if that's even normal...

Back to the topic at hand though.

I can say that Benetta is probably my worst enemy within the family. I hated her, completely and wholly with the most of my chidish heart in those years. I thought her to be obnoxious and quite arrogant, though really, what did I know?

I never really got along with my aunt's small family. Though I do have some sympathy for her, considering that she's widowed and lost her first son - John, when he was only a baby.

Yet the various events that have happened over my life have certainly created a scarred image of what I think of my aunt's side of the family.

The End

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