Visiting Grandfather (Part 3)

My faith in God is not something I'd like to delve into quite yet for this chapter, as there's a lot more behind it. But yes, I am Christian (and yes, I am Indian, but a fair number of Indians are Christians as well so don't be surprised). And like most people do when they visit a loved one, I closed my eyes, folded my hands together, and prayed.

Silent prayers that last only a minute or two but strong wishes for the lost soul that I believed to be my grandfather. In my younger years, my prayers would be simple: I hope you're doing okay up there Grandfather. I wish you bless me, mom and dad, and Jay so that we live happily as you look down on us. I love you.

But the older I got, the every next time I visited him, the more my prayers would change from 'simple' to really just wishing. I'd ask him to help unite the family that he'd left behind, to help us be one again. I'd pray to Jesus, plead Him to take good care of my grandfather in heaven.

I hoped a lot of things.

Most of which never came true.

The End

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