Visiting Grandfather (Part 1)

Most of the annual vacations were spent lounging about the house for me and my brother whereas my parents had hectic financial and business-related work to attend to like doctors visits', bank visits', etc. all cramped within the two month period. It's quite not the vacation for them, considering they don't really enjoy themselves. But my brother and I enjoy the slack - watching television, spending time with grandmother, recording videos of us doing something remotely stupid.

There was a never vacation, however, that passed by without us visiting grandfather. Mom, dad and the two of us would make time to go to the cemetery, accompanied by one of our family friends (let's call him Uncle Mark). We'd buy the incense, then the garlands made up of cherry red roses and other flowers as well as candles.

We'd wake up in the early morning then set off for downtown, the area in which the cemetery was located though our house was more on the outskirts and quite far away from that particular place. Normally, I would whine about waking up early in the morning but I had an exception when it came to visiting my grandfather.

The End

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