A Typical Summer Vacation

My mom, dad, brother and I usually go back to India once a year during the annual school vacation. It lasts for about two months and we end up spending it in Madurai (my small hometown locted in the southern part of the country).

It's usually quite an exhausting journey, lasting from about eighteen to twenty four hours on total before we arrive back home. We have a small house in Madurai, in a quiet and calm neighborhood. We actually have two but we've given off one for rent while we crash in at the one my dad and mom built after their marriage, once upon a time ago.

Though I'd like to say that I spend my time with my family, it isn't saying much as the only real 'family' that we have in India is my grandmother, from my mother's side.

My mom has two other siblings: a brother and sister, both older than her. Though we are related by blood, that doesn't make them family to me. It's not that I hate them but I don't exactly love them either, considering all that's happened in the past years of my life - 99.99% of which I have no real understanding over.

If only my inquisitive nature actually helped in finding some answers...

It only led to more questions, ones that till the present day, are yet to be solved.

The End

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