I hate to be nosy. I really do.

But ever since I'd discovered the lie, I wanted to know everything related to family matters. Whenever I got the chance, I'd tried to eavesdrop into my parents' conversations. I could tell when something was wrong, the household would go into a silence again.

Sometimes, I'd walk in during a conversation and say "What are you guys talking about?"

And they'd answer, "It's a private conversation sweetie."

It would anger me further. It meant one thing: they were hiding yet another secret from me, to stop it from 'hurting'. Oh please, they just wanted to keep me in the dark.

That only pushed me further to be the busybody I never wanted to be. I'd probe into their matters, trying to figure out even a fragment of what the whole big picture was.

But till the end, it got me nowhere.

Somethings are meant to be unknown, to be kept quiet and hushed from a child.

Inquisitive me...I had to know everything.

The End

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