The Truth

Jay and I were walking back home. He held my hand, limp and lifeless in his as I followed him quietly. We used to talk about a countless number of things on the way back home from school - Yu Gi Oh and other cartoons, or how school was going. I'd rant on and on about my own classes while my brother would listen.

But so much had changed - even the simple things that I'd never taken note of had been warped into something different.

It was one such day on which we followed the usual routine when my brother finally told me the truth. I hadn't been paying any particular attention when he'd provoked the conversation.

Mostly just saying "yes" and "mms" at his attempts to create a light atmosphere between the two of us.

Finally, at one point, I'd built up the courage to ask him the question that had been waiting to be answered inside of me for so long. "Jay... how exactly did Grandpa die?"

He pursed his lips, looking over the road and not meeting my eyes as we walked on. For a moment, I took this as a sign that he wouldn't tell me. But he started to speak, his voice barely audible.

"Grandpa had cancer."

The End

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