Silence Reigned

I didn't know for a while - the reason behind my grandpa's demise. I'd been too focused on the fact that he was gone to even wonder on why it had happened in the first place. I didn' tknow...until my brother told me.

It was a normal day, like most had been in that period of time. The month that proceeded the death was a quiet one. There was an ever constant silence within the house. The usual bicker of my brother and I arguing or the sound of the TV playing cartoon theme songs were overridden by that eerie and unmoving quietness that reigned our home.

It was dreadful.

Grandpa's death had affected each and every one of us in a different way. I know Jay had it hard as well. He hadn't come for the funeral, and had instead stayed with family friends while my parents and I were in India. But Grandpa was more than just a grandparent to him. Grandpa was like Jay's role model and sole inspiration in life. His death tore him apart, as it did to all of us.

But those days in silence passed by in an almost forever-lasting time. It held me together inside, knowing that I won't have to face an awkward conversation with my mom, dad or brother. I was the youngest and I bet they thought I had no idea of what was going on.

And I did.

That's why when I came to know the truth, I was crushed.

The End

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