We all want something that's missing in our life, something that lacks and makes a part of us long for it with all our heart.
For me, that thing was a family. A one and whole family.
This is my story of love, loss, and regret and how much I wish my life could be different but have come to accept that the past will never change.

All of us have our own life stories - things that have shaped us up to be who we are today. And all of us sometimes wish that one part of our life could be different, the part that pains us and urges us to have hope that things might be better.

I always wanted a family; kind you'd see in the movies. Big family gatherings during Christmas with distant cousins, uncles and aunts, grandparents...just everyone there together in one happy home.

 Except I never really had that.

There were times when I was a kid and I knew nothing better than to wish on falling stars, or whisper into the night as I sung myself to sleep, believing that things might be better. But now I know better than to create false hope on things that never have a chance of even changing.

I've had my faith...and I've lost it.

This is my story of a fragment of my life that I always wished would be better. And though a chapter is added with every day in my life, I want to let it out because I've held it all inside of myself for way too long.

Release is sweet...but this one will bring back sharp memories that have imprinted themselves as the deepest scars in my heart. And it hurts everytime I touch them again. But just maybe this once, it might be worth it.

The End

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