(Lights up on Alice who is centre stage strapped into a chair. There is a small trolley with various medical instruments on it. Head Nurse is pulling on a pair of gloves and prep-ping the instruments. Rabbit is stood next to Alice. He looks nervous and afraid.)



Rabbit: Alice why are you letting them do this?


Alice: I have no choice. No choice.


Rabbit: Why aren't you fighting it?


Alice: I don't want to. I don’t want to.


Rabbit: Will you forget me?


Alice: No.


Rabbit: Do you promise?


Alice: Yes.


Rabbit: I don't want to lose you Alice.


Alice: You won't. We will be together all the time. Together. All the time.


Rabbit: I didn't want it to be like this though.


Alice: This is a good thing. We won't hurt any more. The Queen can't get us anymore.


Rabbit: I want you to be safe Alice.


Alice: I will be. With you.


(The Queen enters)



Queen: I told you I would be here for the end.


Alice: So you are.


Rabbit: You can't leave Alice alone even now.


Queen: I would bite my tongue if I were you Rabbit.


Alice: Leave him alone. Soon we will both be free of you.


Queen: Oh will you?


Alice: Yes. You won't be able to touch us where we're going.


Queen: She will though won't she? (nods towards Head Nurse)


Alice: No she won't. She can. She won’t. Won’t touch me.


Rabbit: Leave Alice alone.


Queen: Silence!


Rabbit: We won't suffer your tyranny any longer!


Queen: Is that right?


(Snatches the stuffed rabbit from Alice)



Alice: (screams) Give it back!


Head Nurse: Calm down Alice. Or I will have to give you a sedative.


Alice: Don't hurt him!


Queen: It's a little late for that isn't it? Off with your head!



(The Queen twists the stuffed rabbit's head off. Rabbit falls to the ground at the same time.)



Queen: Now which part would you like Alice? Heads or tails? I'm partial to a head myself.



(She tosses the rabbits body onto Alice's lap)



Alice: Even now you couldn't just let me go in peace.


Queen: Where would be the fun in that? You get to be in wonderland with your precious Rabbit while I'm stuck out here? Where is the justice?


Alice: I will be with Rabbit.  


Queen: How?


Alice: Anything is possible in wonderland. You know that.


Queen: How ghastly.


Alice: It's almost time. Do you want to say your good byes?


Queen: Pardon?


Alice: Well without me you'll soon cease to exist won't you? I won't even remember you. I won't remember any of it.



(The Queen becomes Lorina)



Alice: I won't remember what I did to you. I won't remember smashing your face to pieces and slowly removing your head. I won't remember the satisfaction that gave me.


Lorina: You're lying.


Alice: I won't even know who you are. And sure, I won't remember Rabbit or Hatter or the Hare or any of them. But that's the beauty of it isn't it? I can start again.


Lorina: No you can't.


Alice: I will keep on living. All you are is dead. Dead, dead, dead.


Lorina: You will be too.


Alice: On the outside perhaps. But inside I'll be more alive than I've been my entire life.


Lorina: You don't know what will happen.


Alice: That's true but I know it'll be a damn sight better than whatever hell you're in right now.


Lorina: Enjoy your sentence Alice.


Alice: Enjoy yours Lorina.


Head Nurse: Right Alice. Sit still. It's time.



(Lorina exits. Head Nurse moves to start the lobotomy. Alice softly sings to herself.)



Alice: Twinkle, twinkle, little bat, how I wonder where you're at, up above the world you fly, like a tea tray...



(Alice abruptly stops singing as the pin enters her eye. She falls silent and stares blankly. AV behind her shows her sitting at a large tea party table. She is drinking tea with Rabbit, Hatter, March Hare and her sister Edith. Nurse enters while the scene is playing. Head Nurse is examining Alice)



Nurse: Is she gone?


Head Nurse: We have only achieved a partial lobotomy.


Nurse: Meaning?


Head Nurse: She’s alive but far away.


Nurse: Perhaps in her wonderland?


Head Nurse: Perhaps.


(Lights down, the AV continues playing a little longer before fading out. The end.)


The End

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