Duchess, Don't LeaveMature

(Lights up on the visitation room. Alice is sat in a chair opposite Edith. This time Alice is not strapped down)



Edith: They told me to come and say good bye.


Alice: I didn't expect you to come.


Edith: I didn't want to.


Alice: I don't want to hurt you anymore.


Edith: The only thing hurting me is not knowing the truth. And now you're going to just fade away aren't you? Keep all your secrets and lies locked up somewhere that I can never reach.


Alice: I don't want to tarnish the memories you have of our family.


Edith: All I do is sit and try to work it out. Try to think why you did it. Try to see if I missed something.


Alice: Lorina did a good job of shielding you from all the corruption.


Edith: Too good a job.


Alice: I can't tell you Edith. I want to. I can. I can’t tell you.


Edith: Please Alice. I need to know. I have to know.


Alice: I don't want to do that to you.


Edith: Stop trying to protect me! I didn't protect you! I threw you in here. I wanted you to rot in here and now that you might actually be leaving me I feel ashamed. I feel guilty. I've done this. The only member of my family I have left and I abandoned you and sent you to your demise.


Alice: You did what was right.


Edith: I need to know Alice. What have you got to lose now?


Alice: I'm concerned with what you have to lose Edith.


Edith: I don't care anymore. Tell me. It's the least you can do.


Alice: No.


Edith: Tell me.


Alice: No.


Edith: Why did you kill her?


Alice: Stop it.


Edith: Why did you bludgeon Lorina to death in front of me?


Alice: Enough.


Edith: (shouting) Why did you kill her?!


Alice: Because she knew!


Edith: Knew what?


Alice: I'm sorry.


Edith: Knew what?


Alice: I shouldn't have said.


Edith: Knew what Alice?!


Alice: What father was doing.


Edith: What do you mean?


Alice: She knew about his experiments.


Edith: What?


Alice: She knew he was hurting mother.


Edith: No.


Alice: He hurt mother over and over. He terrified her and do you even know why?


Edith: That can't be true.


Alice: So he would use her instead of me. Use her like an animal to test out his theories.


Edith: (interrupts) Enough.


Alice: He killed her Edith. He pushed her off the balcony. She stood up to him. She wanted it to end and he killed her. After she died he was a mess. Lorina found out what he had been doing. What had been happening and she, she, helped him. She helped him do it. She shielded what was happening from everyone. To protect herself and to protect you. She saw evil happening and she didn't even try to stop it. He forced me into insanity with all his concoctions, his toxic potions. I was hooked. Just how he wanted me. A willing prisoner. When he died she carried on his work. Forcing the poison down my throat. Burning my insides. Rotting my mind. She did it ‘in memory of him’.


Edith: I don't believe you. Father was a professor. He was a good educated man.


Alice: Then don’t believe me. If it makes things easier to stomach.


Edith: It can't be true. You're lying to hurt me.


Alice: After everything that's happened you really believe I would want to hurt you anymore.


Edith: Yes.


Alice: I love you Edith. You're my sister. You're the only one that ever really cared for me. Ever saw me as something other than insanity.


Edith: Funny because now that's all I see.


Alice: So be it.


Edith: I need to go.


Alice: I understand. I don’t. I do. I’m sorry.



(Edith goes to exit but stops and turns back)



Edith: One last question.


Alice: What is it?


Edith: Father’s death. Was that you?


Alice: No.


Edith: Then how?


Alice: It seems even the darkest of beings feel guilt. He choked up his insides after taking some of his ‘medicine’.


Edith: I…I see.


Alice: Good bye Edith.


Edith: Good bye Alice.



(Edith exits. Nurse enters.)



Nurse: It's time now Alice.


Alice: Yes. I do believe it is.



(Lights down.)


The End

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