(Lights up on Alice asleep in her cell. Head Nurse is pacing.)



Head Nurse: You stupid girl. You can't ever see sense can you. You can't ever heed my warnings.



(The Queen enters)



Queen: Oh Alice you've done it now.


Head Nurse: I warned you. I thought you understood.


Queen: They're going to do it to you.


Head Nurse: Now what else can I do?


Queen: Look at her. You've really cast a spell over this one haven't you Alice?


Head Nurse: My hands are tied. I have to act.


Queen: Look at the pain on her face. Delectable.


Head Nurse: You can't be seen to get away with this behaviour. It's outrageous.


Queen: Listen to her trying to convince herself it's the right thing to do.


Head Nurse: When you wake up, that's it Alice.


Queen: Oh? What is she going to do with you? I wonder.


Head Nurse: You are having the procedure.


Queen: Hear that Alice! You're having it.


Head Nurse: I have no other option.


Queen: Could always hang her.


Head Nurse: You will be having the lobotomy this evening.


Queen: I think I would rather like to see you squirming on the end of a rope.


Head Nurse: Oh wake up Alice!


Queen: Yes Alice, wake up, you're missing the good bits.


Head Nurse: (pushes Alice with her foot) Wake up this instant!



(The Queen walks over and slaps Alice hard. She wakes up with a start.)



Head Nurse: Welcome back to the land of the living little Miss. Liddell.


Alice: You sedated me?


Head Nurse: Yes. With good reason. As I was saying...


Alice: (interrupting) What reason?


Head Nurse: You broke Rose's nose. Gouged Violet's eyes out.


Alice: I didn't. I loved it. I didn’t.


Head Nurse: Everyone watched you do it! So now you're a compulsive liar as well as a vicious murderer.


Queen: I like this one.


Alice: I don't remember.


Queen: Come on Alice, you can think of a better excuse than that.


Head Nurse: A likely story. This is the end of the road for you Alice.


Queen: Oh my my isn't it just wonderful?


Head Nurse: This evening you will receive the lobotomy procedure whether you want it or not.


Alice: No! Please! I'm afraid!


Head Nurse: I don't care Alice. You've left me with no choice.


Queen: So you'll be alive. Trapped in your own body.


Head Nurse: I will return this evening to collect you.


Alice: No! I'm begging you!


Head Nurse: Enough! I have work to do. I am obliged to contact your family and inform them of this procedure. Then they have the option of saying good bye or not. Personally I don't think your sister is going to want to see you but I have to give her the choice. See you in a few hours.


(She exits)


Alice: No. Oh God. No.


Queen: I don't think we could have hoped for anything better now could we Alice?


Alice: You've gotten what you want. Now you can leave me be.


Queen: Oh no no no. I will be here right until the end. I want to watch it happen. Watch you slip away into the prison of your mind.


Alice: I'm already there.


Queen: So you think.


(The Queen slowly starts changing into Lorina)


Alice: I've been here ever since you put me there.


Lorina: I did what?


Alice: Ever since you helped him I've been trapped. Imprisoned.


Lorina: I don't believe I know what you're talking about.


Alice: Yes you do. I've despised you for longer than I can remember. When I killed you I felt nothing.


Lorina: Is that so? Then why is it you seem so riddled with guilt over it hmm?


Alice: Because of Edith.


Lorina: What about her?


Alice: I killed you and all I cared about was her. What my murdering you has done to her. She's all alone. But perhaps that might be better than being stuck with a monster like you.


Lorina: I'm not the one that kills people and then etches them onto my arm like some kind of sick tally.



Alice: It's so I don't forget. So I remember them. Remember what they did. Why they deserved to die.


Lorina: I didn't deserve it.


Alice: Yes you did. More than anyone else.


Lorina: That's simply not true.


Alice: I only wish I had made it slower. Something that would have taken longer. Make you suffer, the same way you made me suffer.


Lorina: I was protecting Edith.


Alice: You were protecting yourself.


Lorina: You always were a liar Alice.


Alice: And you were always a monster. Maybe it's a good thing, me having this procedure. I will be far away, some place you can't touch me. I'll be safe. In wonderland.


Lorina: If that's what you choose to believe.


Alice: It's what I feel.


Lorina: I'll see you later. At your final moments.


Alice: I look forward to it. I’m afraid. I need it.



(Lorina exits and Nurse enters)



Nurse: Alice it seems you have a visitor.


Alice: I do?


Nurse: Yes, your sister.


(Lights down.)


The End

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