(Lights up on both the communal area and Head Nurse's office. Alice is sat with Head Nurse. In the communal area are Henry, John, Violet, Rose and Nurse.)



Head Nurse: You know why you're here.


Rose: Can you believe what she did?


Head Nurse: You're lucky you haven't been taken to the authorities.


Violet: It's gruesome.


Head Nurse: You really ought to hang Alice.


John: There must have been some reason.


Henry: There must have.


Head Nurse: However, if you were to be taken away who would I have for my little play thing?


Henry: Belinda did have it in for Alice.


Head Nurse: From now on you will obey everything I say when I say it.


John: But now she's dead. The memories hurt. All dead.


Head Nurse: You are my little princess, right Alice?


Rose: Nothing will happen to her.


Violet: She's the head nurse's pet.


Head Nurse: I said right Alice?


Rose: She should hang.


Violet: An eye for an eye.


Rose: A head for a head.


Head Nurse: Alice.


Alice: Yes.


Head Nurse: Then it's settled.


Henry: Leave Alice alone.


Head Nurse: You're mine.


Henry: She doesn't deserve this.


Head Nurse: However.


John: We don't know what happened. Not really.


Head Nurse: If we have one more incident.


Rose: We should take her head clean off.


Head Nurse: Then we will be forced to resort to more permanent treatments.


Rose: Hack it away. Keep it as a trophy.


Violet: Then rabbit will be ours.


Head Nurse: Do you understand?


Henry: I don’t believe it wise to take the rabbit.


Head Nurse: Alice?


Rose: Silence Henry. This is no concern of yours.


Alice: Permanent?


Head Nurse: Yes. Permanent.One particular procedure may be very appropriate for you.A personal favourite of mine.




Nurse: Sit down John.


Rose: Yes John. Sit down.


Head Nurse: Do you know which one it is?


Violet: Sit down John.


Alice: No.


John: Just wait until you're both sleeping.


Head Nurse: Lobotomy.


Alice: You can't.


Henry: Don't stoop to their level. The charming little things won’t do anything to me.


Head Nurse: I can.


John: They're asking for it.


Head Nurse: And I will.


Henry: Alice is good.


Alice: Please.


Henry: I don't think she's evil.


Alice: Please don't.


John: She might be.


Head Nurse: I won't. If you behave.


Henry: How?


Alice: I will.


John: She kills people.


Head Nurse: Good.


John: She might kill you.


Head Nurse: Now, I will allow you ten minutes of communal time. No more.


Henry: She won't.


Alice: Thank you.


Henry: She wouldn't.


Head Nurse: However, lobotomy might not be an entirely bad thing.


Henry: She just does bad stuff to bad people.


Head Nurse: You could be free Alice.


Henry: I'm not bad.


Head Nurse: No more pain.


John: Are you sure?


Head Nurse: No more memories.


Henry: No.


Head Nurse: No more guilt.


Henry: But I feel it.


Head Nurse: You could be in your wonderland all the time.


Henry: Alice knows.


Head Nurse: Wouldn't you like that?


Alice: Perhaps. But I have been deceived before.


Rose: Shut up about Alice.


Head Nurse: No deception here.


Violet: We've had enough.


Head Nurse: Sure, it hurts at first.


Henry: Don't listen then.


Head Nurse: But then it's bliss.


Henry: Don't rise to it John.


Head Nurse: All those things that hurt you are gone.


John: I won't.


Head Nurse: No more pain just wonderland.


Alice: And what's in it for you.


Head Nurse: (smirks) Well you will be gone but your body will remain...


Alice: You're sick.


Head Nurse: No, I believe that is you. Now get out of my sight. Go and join your little friends.


Alice: They're not my friends.



(Alice crosses over to the communal area. Lights down on Head Nurse's office. She exits. As soon as Alice enters the room it falls into dead silence. Everyone stares at her.)



Nurse: Come and sit down Alice. Let's not disturb anyone.


Henry: You can sit with me Alice.


Alice: No thank you.


Nurse: Leave her be.


Rose: (whispers) Look at her.


Violet: (whispers) What?


Rose: (whispers) No punishment? No extra treatment? No permanent imprisonment?


Violet: (whispers) Perhaps she didn't do it?


Rose: Of course she did it.


Alice: It's impolite to whisper Rose.



(Rose stands and walks over to Alice)



Rose: It's impolite to hack someone's head away.



(Violet comes and sits the other side of Alice)



Violet: You killed her.


Alice: I didn't.


Rose: Who else did?


Alice: The Queen.


Violet: The Queen?


Rose: (laughs) What Queen?


Alice: She did it.


Rose: No Alice. You did.


Violet: Aww look Rose.


Rose: What?


Violet: She's hurt herself again.


Rose: Aww poor little Alice.


Violet: Why did you do that Alice?


Rose: Was it because you killed Belinda?


Alice: I didn't kill her. I told you.


Rose: Yeah but I think you did.


Violet: Me too.



(Rose pinches Alice hard.)



Rose: Does this hurt?


Alice: Get off me.


Rose: Is it painful?


Alice: GET OFF.


Violet: Rabbit can't help now can he?




(Rose and Violet slowly start turning into Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. As this happens, the lights need to fade on all other characters.)



Alice: Stop this nonsense!


Tweedle Dum: But we like nonsense.


Tweedle Dee: Yes nonsense.


Alice: I need to be going now.


Tweedle Dum: Wait.


Tweedle Dee: Wait


Tweedle Dum: When someone leaves they must say good bye.


Tweedle Dee: Good bye!


Tweedle Dum: Good bye!


Tweedle Dum & Dee: That's manners!


Alice: And what would you pair know about manners?


Tweedle Dum: A great deal.


Tweedle Dee: Yes a great deal.


Tweedle Dum: We know that...


Tweedle Dee: (interrupting) The first thing you should say...


Tweedle Dum: How do ya do? And shake hands! Shake hands!


Tweedle Dee: How do ya do and shake hands!



(As they speak they begin to keep swapping places and shaking one another's hand)



Tweedle Dum: State your name and business!


Tweedle Dum & Dee: That's manners!


Alice: Please just leave me be.


Tweedle Dum: But you must be punished.


Tweedle Dee: So punished you will be.


Alice: Whatever for?


Tweedle Dum: Bill.


Tweedle Dee: Yes Bill.


Alice: What about Bill?


Tweedle Dum: You killed her.


Tweedle Dee: Killed her.


Tweedle Dum: You chopped off her head most like.


Tweedle Dee: Yes most like.


Tweedle Dum: Contrariwise it should be off with your head.


Tweedle Dee: Off with her head!


Alice: Careful I do believe you pair are beginning to sound like the Queen.


Tweedle Dum: The Queen!


Tweedle Dee: The Queen!


Tweedle Dum: How dare you!


Tweedle Dee: How dare she!


Alice: You cannot simply say you are going to off with my head and not have similarities to the queen.


Tweedle Dum: Impertinent!


Tweedle Dee: Impertinent!


Alice: I just want to be alone with rabbit. Please go.


Tweedle Dum: Ahh Rabbit.


Tweedle Dee: Rabbit.


Tweedle Dum: We have been searching.


Tweedle Dee: Yes searching for Rabbit.


Alice: What ever do you mean?


Tweedle Dum: We want him.


Tweedle Dee: We need him.


Tweedle Dum: He will belong to us.


Tweedle Dee: Yes most like.


Alice: You won't get anywhere near rabbit.


Tweedle Dum: Give him here.


Alice: No.


Tweedle Dee: Hand him over.


Alice: No.



(Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee slowly start to change back into Rose and Violet)



Rose: I want that rabbit.


Alice: Stay back!


Rose: Violet grab him!



(Violet reaches forward and grabs a hold of rabbit's legs. Alice screams and pulls the rabbit away with one fierce tug. Violet goes for the rabbit once again and Rose holds Alice's arms. Alice kicks and struggles as Violet taunts her with the rabbit. Nurse is busy giving John some of his medication and doesn't see what is happening. Alice eventually throws her head back, hitting Rose in the nose and forcing her to let go. Alice then kicks Violet backwards and she tumbles to the floor, still holding the rabbit. Alice pulls and pulls trying to get rabbit back but is unable to break Violet's grip. Alice falls on top of Violet and pushes her thumbs into Violet's eyes blinding her. Violet screams and releases the rabbit, holding onto her face instead. Nurse is alerted by the scream and she runs and pulls the alarm. Head Nurse enters and sees what has happened.)



Head Nurse: Nurse please take Violet and Rose and see to their injuries. Then take Henry and John back to their rooms. I will deal with Alice.


Nurse: Yes. Right away.



(Nurse sets about doing the tasks she has just been given. Head Nurse walks over to an oblivious Alice. She pulls a syringe full of sedative from her pocket and aggressively stabs it into Alice's neck. Alice slowly slumps to the floor and the lights go down.)

The End

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