Down With The LizardMature

Belinda: (whispers) Alice, are you sleeping?



(Alice doesn't respond)



Belinda: (whispers) Wakey wakey Alice.


Alice: (quietly) What do you want?


Belinda: Ah she is awake.


Alice: What are you doing here?


Belinda: I think you know why I'm here.


Alice: If I knew I wouldn’t be asking.


Belinda: I’m growing rather tired of looking at your porcelain face day after day. Watching you swanning around here, the bell of the ball. With a face like that, you’re bound to be a target.


Alice: I don’t understand.


Belinda: The fire wasn’t my fault. I don’t deserve it. I miss my face. I had so many suitors. So many wanting my hand, wanting to court me but no. No, no, no. That all ended didn’t it.


Alice: How does this have anything to do with me?



(Belinda slowly begins to change into Bill the Lizard)



Bill: Rabbit sent me in there. He sent me to burn you out. After you had your little cake incident and grew far too big to fit into his home.


Alice: He was just scared. He didn't know any better.


Bill: That's what you think.


Alice: Please just go.


Bill: No. You deserve to have your pretty face scarred like mine. Your body mangled and destroyed. You smacked me into oblivion. Propelled me out of Rabbit's chimney without a second thought for what might happen to me. You did this.


Alice: Perhaps if you weren't trying to set me alight then you would be fine now.


Bill: Are you saying this is all my own fault?


Alice: Yes. No. No. Yes. I am. Your fault.


Bill: How dare you.


Alice: You cannot expect to take the moral high ground when your intention was to burn me alive.


Bill: I was instructed to do so by Rabbit. By my employer. I had no choice.


Alice: Yes and neither did I.


Bill: You make me sick.


Alice: I think that sentiment is mutual.


Bill: You get to flounce around here as this gorgeous young beauty. The unstoppable Alice. It's funny how you rarely get treatment. How you're rarely in serious trouble. Indestructible aren't you. Well not for long.


Alice: What is that supposed to mean?



(Bill slowly becomes Belinda once again)



Bill: What about if I told everyone about your little arrangement with the head nurse? Hmm? They'd all soon turn against you. They'd all come after you. Let them all know she has a soft spot for you. That she gives you weaker procedures simply because she finds your beauty mesmerising. It’s sickening. That face gets you everything you want. Henry, John, weaker treatment, slacker rules and regulations. Where is the justice?



(The Queen enters. Belinda cannot see her.)



Queen: Kill her.


Belinda: Your dirty little secret would be the end of you.


Queen: Kill her.


Belinda: Things spread around here like poison. Everyone would know.


Queen: Do it.


Belinda: And then it would be farewell Alice. They would tear you limb from limb.


Queen: Quickly.


Belinda: And of course the head nurse would be changed. We would get someone new in.


Queen: Off with her head Alice.


Belinda: And they wouldn't be so nice. They would give you all the therapy you need.


Queen: Alice!


Belinda: They would fry you. Maybe even lobotomise you. Wouldn't that be splendid.


Queen: She will destroy you.


Belinda: As for your little rabbit friend. He would go down with you wouldn't he.


Queen: Off. With. Her. Head.


Belinda: Bye bye little Rabbit. All alone. As dead as a dormouse.


Alice: ENOUGH! Don't you dare speak of Rabbit!


Belinda: (laughs) Aww poor little Alice. Does it hurt? Good.


Alice: Leave now.


Queen: She won't.


Alice: Go.


Queen: Make her.


Alice: Get out.


Queen: She must be disposed of.


Belinda: I'm not leaving without your demise.


Queen: KILL HER.



(Alice screams and lunges at Belinda. Belinda manages to knock Alice away and onto the floor. Belinda climbs on top of Alice and places her hands around her throat, squeezing. Alice claws at Belinda but can't seem to break free, she struggles but soon her struggling grows more and more feeble as she starts to drift away.)



Queen: No. You don't get to die like this. You don't get the easy way out. Death is too good for you.



(The Queen grabs hold of Belinda's head and breaks her neck in one swift motion. Belinda falls to the ground dead. Alice slowly manages to push her way out from under Belinda's body. She is out of breath and in shock. She sits and stares at Belinda.)



Queen: Now look at what you did.


Alice: Me?


Queen: Well there is no one else here now is there.


Alice: I didn't do it. You did. I didn’t do it. I didn’t. You. You did.


Queen: But I'm not really here am I?


Alice: Yes you are. You’re not. You are.


Queen: There is no one else around Alice. Who else would have done this?


Alice: You're lying.


Queen: You're a murderer. Once again.


Alice: This wasn't me. Wasn’t me. Wasn’t me. Wasn’t me.


Queen: Yes Alice. It was.


Alice: Stop it.


Queen: Now I better leave. I'm pretty sure the nurses will be along any moment to give you your medication, and what a sight they're going to find. It's a pity I can't stick around to watch but I have business to attend to.


Alice: No, this wasn't wasn't...


(The Queen exits)


(Alice sits rocking and sobbing, glancing at Belinda's body every so often. Slowly Alice takes the pills the Hatter gave her earlier, shereaches under her own dress and pulls out the letter opener from before from a garter round her thigh. Nurse enters holding a pot of medicine and syringe. She looks at Alice and then at Belinda she screams and drops the medication and the syringe. She runs off. Alice picks up the syringe and accidentally pricks her finger on the end. She injects herself and swallows her tablets. She then looks over at Belinda. She makes her way over to her, pulls her head back, takes out the letter opener and puts it to Belinda’s throat. Blood then spatters up the cyc as before giving the indication that Belinda has been decapitated.)



Alice: (whispers) Off with your head.

The End

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