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(Alice is once again sat in the Head Nurse's office. As the Head Nurse is talking The Queen slowly enters behind Alice.)


Head Nurse: Alice. We cannot allow this sort of behaviour any more. I have no interest in what Henry did to provoke this attack, if he indeed did anything at all. The fact is you viciously attacked another patient and seemingly had no intention of stopping. I understand this isn't a new thing for you, based on your notes as to why you were brought here. Consider this your first warning Alice, if you behave in this manner again you will be subjected to the therapy whether you need it or not. And I promise you, it won't be a mild treatment. Do we understand each other Alice?


Alice: Yes.


Queen: She's going to hurt you. She's going to fry you.


Head Nurse: Good. There won't be any way out of it next time. Our little agreement won't save you. If I am seen to be allowing this kind of behaviour then soon there will be anarchy. For now, we cannot sedate everyone as much as I would like to. So from now on you're going to behave aren't you? (pause) I said aren't you Alice?


Alice: Yes.


Queen: She's going to get you Alice.


Head Nurse: Now, leave my sight, go and collect your supper and then I expect you to stay in your room for the entirety of the day tomorrow. Do I make myself clear?


Alice: Yes.


Queen: Yes yes keep you in your cell. Leave you to go crazy with your thoughts


Head Nurse: Good night Alice.


Queen: Might I accompany you? Of course I may. (chuckles)



(Alice and Queen exit. Lights down on Head Nurse.)



(The lights come up on Henry’s cell. He is sat cross-legged a large smile on his face. He chuckles to himself over and over. Nurse enters, she is holding a small pill bottle in one hand and a syringe in the other.)

Nurse: Time for your medication Henry.


Henry: Oh how delightful! My favourite pastime!


Nurse: You are going to behave yourself this time, yes?


Henry: Of course! I wouldn't dream of …


Nurse: Good. Pills first.


(She hands him two small tablets which he pretends to swallow and stores in his hand.)



Nurse: Better?


Henry: Oh yes, I feel much better now.


Nurse: They should help with the rest of the bruising on your face. You underwent quite a vicious attack. They’re quite strong so if you feel a bit woozy just let us know.


Henry: Thank you, beautiful.


Nurse: Now we've had enough of that. Arm please?


Henry: I need that one though.


Nurse: For?


Henry: (gestures rudely)


Nurse: How impertinent. Give me your arm.


Henry: Oh you want to make use of this arm as well? Dear, dear, Nursey. I thought you were professional.


Nurse: I am. So if you don't hold out your arm this instant I will be forced to shove it into your neck.


Henry: So aggressive. I like it. So pretty.


Nurse: Henry, I won't ask you again.


Henry: Ok Nursey, keep your head on! Here.



(Henry holds out his arm for the nurse. She slowly moves his sleeve back and just as she is about to inject him he grabs her and forcibly kisses her. She slaps him hard and he falls back down on the floor. She stands and straightens out her dress, she bends down and injects it straight into his neck while he is still in pain.)



Nurse: You can stay in here for the remainder of the day. I will be reporting this incident to the head nurse and she can decide what to do with you later. This behaviour is unacceptable and revolting. Good day Henry.



(The lights cross-fade onto Violet and Rose in their cell together. Rose is stood scratching something into the wall with a small nail. Violet is laid on the floor humming to herself.)


Rose: I heard it.


Violet: What?


Rose: Them.


Violet: Who?


Rose: Henry and her..


Violet: And Alice?


Rose: No.


Violet: Then who?


Rose: Nurse.


Violet: Did he...


Rose: (interrupting) No.


Violet: Just as well.


Rose: Why?


Violet: He would be in serious trouble most like.


Rose: Yes I suppose.


Violet: I like John.


Rose: No you don't.


Violet: You're right I don't.


Rose: He's crazy.


Violet: Indeed


Rose: Should he scare us?


Violet: He doesn't.


Rose: He should.


Violet: Why?


Rose: He hurts them.


Violet: He cares for them.


Rose: Hurts them.


Violet: So do we.


Rose: Do we?


Violet: Perhaps.


Rose: It was an accident.


Violet: Was it?


Rose: How so?


Violet: You know.


Rose: Tell me. Tell me like you used to tell me in the old days.


Violet: You plotted.


Rose: Did not.


Violet: You said to take it.


Rose: Did not.


Violet: You wanted it…wanted to hurt her.


Rose: Not true.


Violet: Is so. Had to have her necklace…then you pulled and pulled until the struggling stopped.


Rose: Ah, stopped


Violet: Tick tock, Tick Tock


Rose: It was shiny.



(Rose touches a grubby blood encrusted chain around her neck)



Violet: Is it shiny now?


Rose: As it should be.


Violet: Do you miss her?


Rose: Who?


Violet: Her


Rose: No


Violet: Oh


Rose: Do you?


Violet: What?


Rose: Miss her?


Violet: Perhaps.


Rose: You do?


Violet: I don't.


Rose: Good. (pause)


Violet: What do you want now?


Rose: You know.


Violet: I don't.


Rose: The rabbit.


Violet: Ah the rabbit.


Rose: I need it.


Violet: Yes we need it.


Rose: Don't worry.


Violet: Don't worry.


Rose: We'll get it.


Violet: We'll get it.



(Lights down.)



(Lights up on the Head Nurse's office. Belinda is sobbing. Head Nurse is taking notes.)


Belinda: Oh it was so dreadful what happened to Henry.


Head Nurse: Quite.


Belinda: She's evil. She's so vicious. We're all afraid of her. All of us.


Head Nurse: I can imagine.


Belinda: We want her gone. She's dangerous. It isn't fair for us to live in fear every day.


Head Nurse: I understand.


Belinda: She's threatened me you know.


Head Nurse: What did she say?


Belinda: She said she wanted to add more scars to my face. She said she wanted to tear my head from my shoulders just for breathing. She's always watching me. Like a vulture circling. She's jealous you see.


Head Nurse: Of?


Belinda: My friendship with John. She wants me out of the way, so he can become her next victim. Poor sweet John. He really does mean well.


Head Nurse: Do you have proof of this?


Belinda: No. You've seen her behaviour though. You know what she is capable of. She feels nothing. She cares for no one. She's evil.


Head Nurse: She isn't well.


Belinda: None of us are. That doesn't give us the right to go around scaring and threatening people.


Head Nurse: Of course.


Belinda: She needs help, that's all I'm trying to do, get her help.


Head Nurse: I see.


Belinda: I don't think her current treatment is working. She's getting worse and I would hate to see anything bad happen to her.


Head Nurse: Yes.


Belinda: Henry was just the beginning. She must be stopped. For all our sakes.


Head Nurse: I will see what I can do.


Belinda: Oh thank you so much! Thank you! What a relief it is to hear you say that!


Head Nurse: Now I think you should head on back to your room Belinda.


Belinda: I will. Thank you again.



(Belinda turns to leave, a large smirk on her face. Lights down.)

The End

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