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(Lights up on the front room of the Liddell manor. Alice is sat centre stage on the sofa, she is happily muttering away to rabbit. Edith enters. She is dressed all in black and has obviously been crying. She looks at Alice for moment before pouring herself a small tumbler of brandy. She downs it in one. She looks at Alice again.)



Edith: You didn't go. I can't believe you didn't go.


Alice: (muttering) Oh how very proper. It’s laid out for a great many more than three. It wasn’t very polite of me to sit down without being invited. Oh but it’s so quaint dear ones!


Edith: All those people and one of his own daughters wasn't there. I couldn't stick up for you this time Alice. I couldn't make excuses because there isn't an excuse for you missing it. I'm so ashamed Alice.


Alice: Why are you ashamed Edith?


Edith: You haven't even listened have you?


Alice: Of course I listened. I just don't feel what you're saying is very just.


Edith: Not just? You didn't come to your own father's funeral! You didn't even explain why! You made me and Lorina look like imbeciles. You made us look like terrible terrible people. As if you haven't tarnished our name enough with all your ramblings about wonderland. All my life I have been on your side Alice but I don't know if I can do it anymore.



(Lorina enters, she too is dressed all in black)



Lorina: Ah, so the coward has emerged from her bed chamber then?


Edith: I've already scolded her Lorina. Let's just have a nice evening now, please.


Lorina: You know Alice, you've really reached a new level of pathetic.


Edith: Lorina!


Lorina: Everyone was asking after you, goodness knows why it's not as if any of them actually care. You're an embarrassment.


Edith: Haven't we had enough upset for today Lorina?


Lorina: Yes we have. But she hasn't has she? Sat here in her little daydreams muttering to that god forsaken rabbit.


Alice: Leave him alone.


Lorina: Who? Your mangy rabbit?


Alice: Stop it.


Lorina: You know what disgusts me most Alice? You care more about a flea bitten toy than your own family, your own flesh and blood. You're lucky you haven't wound up in some asylum. It's where you belong, you and that putrid rabbit.


Alice: Don't speak of him like that.


Lorina: Or what? What will you do Alice? Nothing. We are orphans now. Does that mean nothing to you? Orphans. Of course mother's death was your fault, we've all come to terms with that but now you've taken father from us as well haven't you.


Alice: Mother's death had nothing to do with me.


Lorina: You drove him to it. You made him. It might as well have been you.


Alice: Stop it.


Lorina: Father clearly died from the shame of having you as a daughter.


Alice: More like from guilt.


Lorina: Don't you dare speak ill of the dead! Have some respect!


Edith: Alice, Lorina, stop all this. Today has been…. I just want to be with my sisters.


Lorina: She needs to hear it. See you, you're a vicious little gutter snipe Alice. You ought to be hung for all that you've done. Hanged by the neck until dead. Until you feel as though your puny head might just explode. Why were we so cursed to have such a vile sister? What did we ever do? Evidently you couldn't care less about the lives of our parents, or myself and Edith for that matter.


Alice: I loved mother. I love Edith.


Lorina: Oh so it's just me and father you despise then? That suits me fine. Now I suggest you get out of my sight Alice before I do something I may regret.


Alice: What will you do Lorina? You don’t scare me.


Lorina: Edith. Go and boil some water please. I am rather parched and would love a small cup of tea.


Edith: But Lorina…


Lorina: NOW Edith.



(Edith exits)



Alice: Getting Edith out the way?


Lorina: She doesn’t need any more unpleasantness today.


Alice: You cause the unpleasantness.




(Lorina pours a small glass of brandy and drops a couple of pills into it from her handbag. They fizz in the drink)



Lorina: I think you need some extra medication today Alice. This kind of behaviour is hardly befitting of a Liddell lady.


Alice: No. Stay back. I won’t drink that.


Lorina: I think you will. If you know what’s best for you.


Alice: I won’t take any more of your poison!


Lorina: Open wide.


Alice: GET AWAY.



(Lorina grabs Alice’s cheeks and forces her mouth open pouring the drink into it. Alice coughs and splutters and desperately tries not to swallow it. During the commotion Lorina manages to take Rabbit from Alice. Alice screams and smacks Lorina in the face. Lorina is startled by this and stumbles backwards. Alice lunges at her and knocks her to the ground, she repeatedly hits her over and over and over. Edith re-enters after hearing the commotion. Lorina's grip slackens on the rabbit with each hit. Edith begins crying and begging Alice to stop. She tries to pull Alice off of Lorina but Alice hits her away and Edith too tumbles to the floor. Slowly Alice's blows start to subside. Lorina is twitching on the ground as she dies. Alice picks up rabbit and sits back on the sofa. Edith looks at Lorina and screams, she appears terrified of Alice.)



Alice: Go Edith. I won't stop you. Go and get them. Get them. Get them. GET THEM.



(Edith runs off stage. Lorina stops twitching. Alice opens a small little tin and places a little pill on the end of her tongue. This is done very discreetly. She thencalmly takes a letter opener from a side table. She feels how sharp it is and makes her way over to  Lorina, she crouches down and pulls Lorina's head back, slowly Alice places the knife to Lorina’s throat. The lights will go down as she does this and we see blood spatter on the cyc. While she is doing these actions, she quietly sings to herself 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat'.)



Alice: Twinkle, twinkle, little bat, how I wonder where you're at, up above the world you fly, like a tea tray in the sky.



(Lights down.)

The End

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