(Lights up on the visitation room in the asylum. Edith is on stage. She looks nervous and keeps fidgeting with her bag. She stands and sits down again. Nurse enters with Alice. She sits her down in the chair opposite Edith and secures her hands and ankles, strapping her to the chair.)



Nurse: I will be outside if you want her to be taken back Miss. Liddell.


Edith: Thank you.


Nurse: Alice. Your sister has been kind enough to come and see you. Play nice!



(Nurse exits. They sit in silence for a moment. Alice doesn't look at Edith.)



Edith: I...I don't know what to say to you.


Alice: (muttering) Oh look at the momeraths today. How adorable. All the flowers are here to greet me. So charming. How very polite of you dears.


Edith: I need some answers Alice.


Alice: Leave.


Edith: I’m not leaving without them.


Alice: Then you will be here as long as me and Rabbit.


Edith: After what you did Alice, you owe me an explanation.


Alice: What does it matter now? Nothing matters.


Edith: This is hurting me that matters. I didn't want to do this. How do you think I felt sending you here? I can't stand that you're here but you are terrifying Alice.


Alice: Then stop visiting me. Don’t stop. Stop.


Edith: Are you really so heartless that you can't even look at me?


Alice: We look with our eyes not with our heart.


Edith: There was a time you cared for me. You were my lovely big sister. My lovely protective Alice.


Alice: That's what you perceived me to be.


Edith: What does that mean?


Alice: I don't know why you bothered coming.


Edith: Why Alice? Why did you do it? I need to know…


Alice: Go. Don’t. Go.


Edith: I need you to tell me. You have blood on your hands. So much of it. Lorina always said you were a monster.


Alice: Don't. Don't you speak of her!


Edith: She said you would end up here. That you deserved to be here.


Alice: Stop…


Edith: She's our sister Alice!


Alice: She is no sister of mine.


Edith: How can you be so cruel? To me?


Alice: I have nothing more to say to you.


Edith: So that's it? No explanation? No mercy, no seeking of forgiveness?


Alice: Forgiveness? Forgiveness? Would you like me to say that I’m sorry so you can attempt to make yourself feel better by forging the emotions to say the words “I forgive you” when the act of forgiveness in itself is a fundamental lie? Really, really…”Oh, I’m really sorry I hacked our sister’s head off”…”It’s OK, I forgive you!” Have mercy on both of us and leave.


Edith: Lorina was right. You are a monster and monsters belong in cages Alice. So you're right where you should be.I hope you rot in here.


Alice: Edith...


Edith: If you won't give me what I need then there is no point in me seeing you anymore. Good day Alice.


Alice: Please! Don't!



(Edith should slowly start changing into The Duchess)



Alice: You’re hurting me. Edith. Please.


Duchess: Please what?


Alice: You came back.


Duchess: Don't feel sad child, I'm here now.


Alice: Can you help me Duchess?


Duchess: Now that I can't do.


Alice: I need to make everything right.


Duchess: Now you know you can't leave.


Alice: Why?


Duchess: You're dangerous little Alice, aren’t you?.


Alice: I'm not. I'm not. Maybe. I might be. I am. I’M NOT.


Duchess: Oh, I think you’ll find you are. If you just accept what you are, then maybe things can ‘get better’.


Alice: But why should I accept what isn't true?


Duchess: But you won't share the truth. That means you're guilty.


Alice: I am guilty. I know that. Not guilty. Yes. I am.


Duchess: You killed her. That is all I know.


Alice: Yes.


Duchess: Beat her to death.


Alice: Yes.


Duchess: In front of me. It was quite frightful. Very improper.


Alice: What is proper about murder?


Duchess: I have to go.


Alice: Please don't. Don’t go. Don’t. Please.


Duchess: You know that I have to leave.


Alice: Yes.


Duchess: Your pain will be over soon Alice. I know that much.


Alice: I know.


Duchess: Fair well, dear one.



(Lights down.)



(Lights up on Alice sat in her cell. She is clearly distressed from her previous meeting with her sister. She holds rabbit a little too tightly. The screaming of her name can again be heard. Alice tries hard to be undisturbed by it but as it gets to its loudest point she screams and it stops. Lorina is once again in the cell with her)



Lorina: You weren't very nice.


Alice: Please. Not now. Not now. Not now.


Lorina: Edith only wanted to speak to you.


Alice: She pushed me.


Lorina: She wanted what was owed to her.


Alice: I owe her nothing. I owe her. No.


Lorina: You truly believe that?


Alice: (silence)


Lorina: She wants an explanation Make one up…you're good at that. Some reason to appease her. Help her move on. Stop her suffering?


Alice: Why do you care?


Lorina: She's my sister too.


Alice: Was.


Lorina: Was.


Alice: How long are you going to do this for?


Lorina: Do what?


Alice: Torture me.


Lorina: As long as possible.


Alice: You deserved it.


Lorina: Deserved what?


Alice: What I did.I hope wherever you are it's as dark and as twisted as you are.


Lorina: Well I'm with you so it certainly is.


Alice: You won't always be with me.


Lorina: Yes I will.


Alice: I will get rid of you. I will.


Lorina: (laughs) How’s that working for you dear Alice? Oh look…I’m still here…peek-a-boo!


Alice: Stop it.


Lorina: Peek-a-boo!


Alice: STOP IT.


Lorina: You wanted to do it. You'd wanted it for a long time. I knew that. I guess I just didn't ever think you'd carry it out. Impressive really.


Alice: Not impressive. Not a bit.


Lorina: Still. You're suffering more than me. I'm really quite enjoying this. Watching you waste away. Guilt is toxic Alice and it will defeat you eventually.



(Alice closes her eyes and covers her ears trying to block Lorina out)



Lorina: Grow up Alice. I know you can still hear me. You can't stop hearing me. Seeing me. Breathing me. You're disgusting. You're insanity itself and look where you are. All those ramblings about wonderland all those stories, all that madness has led you here and you will stay here. Edith will make sure of it I know she will. And I'll be here too. To make every moment that little bit worse.


(Lights down.)

The End

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