Sister Of MineMature

(Alice is sat in her cell, she is cuddling the toy rabbit and singing softly to it. Faintly we begin to hear a voice – Lorina – screaming 'Alice' over and over. Alice begins to grow irritated by this, it grows louder and louder, Alice is covering her ears and begging for the noise to stop. While this happens she is muttering her first line. Soon the noise stops. Behind her is Lorina)



Alice: It’ll all be alright. Down the rabbit hole we go. Down, down, down. Falling. Tick tock tick tock. Time for tea. Can’t be late. Oh the duchess will be savage if we’ve kept her waiting.


Lorina: Get up Alice. Show some respect.


Alice: What are you doing here?


Lorina: Visiting you silly.


Alice: How did you get in here?


Lorina: I can get in anywhere.


Alice: I want you to leave.


Lorina: Yes well I would like nothing more but you know as well as I that I can't.


Alice: You're not even here.


Lorina: Yes I am.


Alice: No you're not. You're not here. You don't exist. You can't speak to me. You can't hurt me. Can hurt me. No can’t hurt me. Not here. Always here. Not here. (she starts humming Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds again).



(Lorina should slowly begin to change into The Queen of Hearts)



Queen: This is my domain.


Alice: NO


Queen: Address me properly!


Alice: No…your Majesty.


Queen: Yes, better. (Pause) They were talking about you today.


Alice: Who?


Queen:  They!


Alice: Nonsense.


Queen: They didn't miss you.


Alice: I didn't expect them to.


Queen: They thought you were having that awful treatment and not one of them were even slightly perturbed by it.


Alice: It's normal, not normal, not normal a bit. Normal.


Queen: Now now Alice. I would of thought that you more than anyone wouldn't accept normality so willingly.


Alice: It's normal.


Queen: Being electrocuted? Being subjected to having your skin fried to try and make you feel better? Make you 'sane'? That is normality is it Alice?


Alice: Yes. No. Yes.


Queen: I'm disappointed Alice.


Alice: Good. Then leave.


Queen: OFF…


Alice: Go on, say it….


Queen: Off with


Alice: Come on Queenie


Queen: Off with her…


Alice: Go on. Do it. I don't care.


Queen: (Pause)I wish I could.


Alice: You have no power here.


Queen: That's what you think little Alice. That's what you think.


Alice: Please. Leave me alone.


Queen: You don't really want to be alone Alice?


Alice: Yes I do.


Queen: And why is that?


Alice: I can't hurt anyone if I'm alone.


Queen: Just yourself I suppose.


Alice: (interrupting) GET OUT!


Queen: Aww, poor little Alice. You're so afraid aren't you? Of what you did? It was bad wasn’t it Alice…bad bad bad bad (laugh) You act so proud but it makes you sick doesn’t it? Thrilling.


Alice: Thrilling for you and torture for me! Coming here, making me squirm, and try to get inside my mind. Well it's worked. You've achieved what you wanted. Now leave, please just leave.


Queen: Perhaps…but I will return Alice.



(The Queen exits. Alice is alone for a moment, her eyes firmly closed. She looks around the room finally to check she has left. Rabbit enters from the opposite side to The Queen.)



Rabbit: Has she gone?


Alice: Yes Rabbit.


Rabbit: She makes me shiver.


Alice: I know.


Rabbit: Will she ever stop? Will she ever fade?


Alice: I don’t know. Yes. No. Yes. I don’t…


Rabbit: I hope she does. For you Alice.


Alice: She won't. I feel like the more I try to block her out the stronger she becomes.


Rabbit: I know you do. But I'm here.


Alice: Yes, you're here Rabbit. You’re here.


Rabbit: I won't leave you. Not like…


Alice: Of course not Rabbit. You've never left me before. You're my friend.


Rabbit: I'm your friend.


Alice: I'm tired. So tired.


Rabbit: Yes of course. Poor Alice. You've had a long day.


Alice: I've had a long day.


Rabbit: Let's sleep.


Alice: Stay with me?


Rabbit: Always Alice.I'm here. Shhhh. Go to sleep.



(Lights down.)

The End

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