The QueenMature

(The Queen enters, Rabbit exits.)



Queen: Rise Alice. (she doesn’t) I said rise!


Alice: Yes majesty.


Queen: Did you miss me?


Alice: No.


Queen: Try again.


Alice: Yes. I did.


Queen: Splendid.


Alice: What do you want? I’m tired.


Queen: To see you deary.


Alice: I don’t believe that one bit.


Queen: I think I should be allowed to see you whenever I choose Alice.


Alice: And why is that.


Queen: Because you killed me silly.


Alice: I didn’t, didn’t kill you, I did, I didn’t kill you.


Queen: A gruesome affair.


Alice: Leave me be.


Queen: I hope you scrubbed those carpets they were quite valuable.


Alice: Go.


Queen: I can’t.


Alice: Can’t, always here, can’t go, can’t go, can’t go.



Queen: It’s your fault after all. Funny really. The great Alice seems to be more filled with darkness than even me.


Alice: I would do it again.


Queen: What? Say it.


Alice: Smash your head into the ground. Watch your skull fragments fly past my face. Watch the breath leak out of your lungs.


Queen: And then?


Alice: Nothing.


Queen: And then?


Alice: I don’t need to tell you.


Queen: Oh but I think you do.


Alice: Get out.


Queen: Silly Alice. Thinking you have any power here.


Alice: (screams) GET OUT!


Queen: Enough.


Alice: You’re afraid now aren’t you. You remember this face.


Queen: I said enough.


Alice: This was the last thing you saw, wasn’t it Lorina?


Queen: I will see you later.


Alice: That’s it. Squirm away. Like a little maggot creeping back into the dirt.


Queen: I do not squirm. A queen simply knows when to retreat. We will resume this later Alice. Good day.


(Lights down.)

The End

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