Off With Her HeadMature


(The scene opens on a large stark communal area of an asylum. It is silent for a moment. Slowly the nurses begin to bring the patients on one by one. Alice is brought on last, everyone stops what they're doing and stares at her for a beat before resuming what they were doing before, she is sat down centre stage clutching her toy rabbit to her chest. The scene should be calm, only faint mutterings can be heard from some of the patients. Nurse and Head Nurse circle them all like vultures, watching them closely. Rose and Violet are sat together, they are singing softly and playing with each others hair. John is sat in the corner, he is twitching and giggling to himself, Henry is with him. He slips him a small parcel. John is very excited by this and clings onto Henry. Henry tries to leave to disperse more of his parcels but John clings onto him tightly. Henry eventually manages to break free of him. John looks lost and hurt. Belinda is near Alice, she is fixated on her, her eyes burning into the back of Alice's head. Alice is in her own world, she plays with rabbit's ears and mutters softly to it. Rose slowly makes her way over to Alice and touches the rabbit. Alice screams. Anarchy ensues. We begin seeing flashes of Alice’s past. Her relationships with the various characters both wonderland and asylum. They are broken up and vague and must show the asylum characters changing into their wonderland counterparts. The lights drop and the scene falls silent.)



(Lights come back up to show Alice sat in the Head Nurse's office. Alice is restrained to a chair, her toy rabbit is laid across her lap. Head Nurse makes notes for a moment before staring at Alice a small smirk on her face. She looks Alice up and down before leaning in closer to her.)



Head Nurse: (sighs) Now Alice, this is just a routine meeting. I have to check your current condition, your mental health, how you're fairing, if you're ok, if you've gotten into any fights this week, if you've killed anyone this week (she chuckles). Of course, I know you haven't. I have eyes and ears everywhere and I very much enjoy watching you. You're special to me Alice.


Alice: Aren't all your patients?


Head Nurse: Just you Alice, just you…have my particular interest. Now you're scheduled in for a spot of therapy this afternoon. High volt count.


Alice: (winces)


Head Nurse: It's perfectly alright, don't worry little princess. We can make this process feel electric. I can do that for you. Would you like that?


Alice: Yes. (whispers to herself) It’s ok Rabbit. Time for tea soon. With Hatter. Yes. Hatter. He will be waiting. Down the rabbit hole we go.


Head Nurse: Then what do you need to do? (Alice still mutters) Alice! What do you need to do?


Alice: Comply, I won’t, I have to, I will, comply.


Head Nurse: Yes Alice. Yes you do. Now let's get on with it shall we? No fuss.




(The lights go down on the office and Alice and Head Nurse cross to behind the cyc centre stage. Something can be done here with either shadow work or AV to show Alice receiving the electroshock therapy. While this is happening, Alice appears on stage with Rabbit)



Rabbit: It's ok Alice. It'll be ok.


Alice: What is ok Rabbit?.


Rabbit: You just have to get through this. Then there won't be any therapy. There won't be any pain will there?


Alice: But I'm in pain right now.


Rabbit: It'll be ok.


Alice: Nothing is ok.


Rabbit: It'll be ok.


Alice: She's hurting me.


Rabbit: It'll be ok.


Alice: I can't stop her, I could, I can’t, can’t stop her.


Rabbit: You're fine Alice.


Alice: Fine, fine, no, no, not fine, not fine at all, not one bit.


Rabbit: They misunderstood you. They didn't listen to you. They didn't care for you.


Alice: She did.


Rabbit: No.


Alice: She did care.


Rabbit: No.


Alice: No she didn’t, didn’t care…


Rabbit: I care though.


Alice: I know you do.


Rabbit: I'm your friend.


Alice: You're my friend.


Rabbit: There. It's over. You can rest now.


Alice: Night night Rabbit.


Rabbit: Night night Alice.

The End

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