One day not very far from the present  we as a country invaded Angola  under the regime of a dictator by the name of Salazar.We Portuguese people, sons of good people followed a leader that lead no one.

I was not even in the though of God when my father fought for a country in war he did not believe.For a man who never use of violence in his dealings with other human beings,to erect a gun and shoot someone was completly wrong.

He had to fight in a land far from home, in a land that many say today is forsaken to God.But the truth is man did this to a beautiful country we occupied for so long and in 1974, when Portugal turned against their own dictator we left Angola without  a thought and without leaving any measurements that a stable government was in place.

We were at so much fault here i can express my sorrow for all of those  that perish in direct result of the  war and in the civil war afterwards.

I can only tell you this i saw the discharged papers my father had and the pictures from a country i never have visit.

They speak of a feeling better known in my language as remenbrance.He never spoke of what he had to do or if he killed any poor soul that came is path, but i saw in him a look that cross is eyes from time to time, of sorrow so deep i can only guess.

In war people die,my father most likely did killed,in his behalf  i want to express my most sincere apoligies...

And know only this if you never have seen the pictures of the war in Angola and Mocambique, from before 74.Be warned they are very gruesome because of the way  most  people were  killed.They  were done by a weapon use to cut the sugar canes-Catana.

And it shows how in some cases they would open a person from neck to navel,as i said the pictures from that era show thr true violence man is capable of doing when no thought of reason is present.

Since then i had the opportunity to see an exposition  with guns and pictures and a video from the time it occur and the way that some survivors from war raise money thru the exposition  that travels the country ,in order to give the people from Angola and Mocambique a new start.

The same people who faught  and killed them are now trying to find redemption.

My father has died 13 years ago, i once saw a bank statment, care to guess who he paid every month ?

War only destroys...Sometimes the price on the human soul is too much...

The End

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