Of failings

One day like any other day the light shown in the break of dawn...
Existince where nowhere to be found.

The dust was everywhere.

The smell of death travel far in the wind.Only silence is heard in the fast space that is here.

One could ask what had happen here.But another question arises.

Who to ?

There is no survivors to this event we call war.

The spoils of wrath and anger spread wide and far for all to see.That humans may destroy all but little they conquer...

That we can falter here while fighthing for a grater purpose.

Sons, daughters,fathers and mothers.Families died here today,an entire generation in this soil rest for evermore.Not even the animals where spared.

In the wind a record plays on,left untouched by dirthy hands that still carry weapons shoulder to hand.Puccini plays on...

A cry into the land of sorrow and victories that did not happen.

The sky presents no sign of letting sunlight shine through,it pays its dues.

Today something more precious than humanity died here.

Hope died...

The End

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