Ode To Trent

I'm letting out my angery emotions that are for a boy named Trent. I let my anger out in writing, because if he ended up in a well everyone would know it was me... I'm that kind of girl (not really :D)

Frouline, McDonalds, Pizza Pie,

I hate you, why wont you die?!

The pillow covers over your head,

Your breathing slows, but your not dead.

I leave you there, in the well,

And I'll just say that you fell.

Then when I "find you", you'll be dead,

I will not dread.

The police will come, I'll act sad.

But on the inside I'll be glad.

I'll sleep like a baby, concious clean

And no, I wont have any bad dreams.

I'll go to the funeral, and support your fam,

Knowing that you, from God, were Damned.

When everyones gone,

I'll sing a song,

Dancing merrilly on your tomb.

The End

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