Obscure song title's, or not....

(not sure if this is exactly what the site is for but it is fun to think of and try to detangle, I will add answers in a branch at a later date, putting them in comments could create a spoiler, feel free to comment with answers if you wish though)

These are song title's with a difference, I've added a clue for frame of reference for lesser known artists/songs.


"Tiny Phantom"

Clue: The White Stripes

Answer: Little Ghost

"The Sphere Of Existance"

"Top card of Grave Digging Tools"

"One less than 20, One less than 70"

"Amazing Brick constuct"

"Feathered Tightrope Walker"

"Banging on the Golden Gates"

"Large Puddle Of Lava"

Clue: The Meatpuppets

"Organ of drinking vessel"

Clue: Blondie

"Me Found Out"

Clue: Placebo

The End

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