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FULLERTON, CA. (AP) - Local musician Alex "Crimson Agony" Muniz was found dead in his apartment this morning by his landlord who had come to collect overdue rent.  The young entertainer's death has spurred a flood of grief from his fanbase, mostly comprised of teenage girls and other young people of unverifiable gender.  Muniz had been making big waves in the local music scene by ushering in a new genre known as "mopecore", known for its raw, even startling live performances in which Muniz would writhe and sob wretchedly into a microphone to manipulated samples from 80's pop star Cyndi Lauper's debut album, "She's So Unusual".

"He really like...showed his true feelings and stuff," said longtime fan Chelsea Rambo.  "His music really convinced me that you could make anything sad if you played it at half speed and cried over it."

While an autopsy has yet to be performed, many are already ruling Muniz's death to be a suicide.  Rumors of a final letter from the musician are spreading across internet message boards like wildfires.

"Yeah, I heard that he like...cried really hard onto this piece of paper, and like, let the tears dry all over it, and then signed his name at the bottom," remarked Rambo.

"Which is like...the saddest thing ever," her friend and also fan Shauna Do added.

Plans for a public viewing and funeral have been announced by those close to Muniz, along with a pamphlet explaining the rules and dress code of the event. Of note is the strict prohibition of any colors brighter than a "shitty day grey".

"He will definitely be missed," said Don Romatelli, owner of Downtown Fullerton venue The Shit House, which Muniz played multiple times. "He really got through to the kids, ya know? And he taught them that sometimes all you can do is pity yourself and wait for someone to notice."


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