Predator and PreyMature

The room swam in front of Rhea's eyes. She'd slammed her beer fairly quickly, and as always, swigs from the bottles of those who'd brought hard alcohol. Small and hungry as she was, it was hitting her harder than she'd anticipated. Not that Rhea would ever admit she couldn't keep up. Martin stuck close to her. It seemed he was feeling it too. “I'll be back, OK?” he slurred, and wobbled towards the bathroom.

Rhea struggled to focus on what was going on around her. Too late, she realized that Brad had vacated his spot on the sofa. He lowered himself into Martin's spot on the floor. “So you're Rhea?” he asked. “Yeah” she replied, suddenly feeling a lot clearer. “That's a pretty name” Brad said, oozing an off putting fake charm. “A pretty name for a pretty girl” He tried to put an arm around her.

Hey man, I'm with Martin!” Rhea exclaimed, thinking to herself “And he's not a fucking old creeper!”

Oh, don't be so cold” Brad said, and then leaning in closer, he hissed “Remember. You're in my house. My rules. And one of them is I get what I want.”

Rhea shuddered. His eyes were so dead. The only emotion she had seen in them all night had been rage. And some of that rage had been directed at her.

Brad hauled himself to his feet, giving her a cold smile. He made his way back to the sofa. Rhea shifted herself so that her back was resting in the corner, and drew her knees to her chest.

Martin returned from the bathroom. He looked hard at her. Immediately, he asked “What's wrong?”

Rhea looked at Brad again, and then at Martin. Brad had to be twice his size, and ten times as crazy. She wasn't going to risk anything going down between them. Maybe they could find a new place tomorrow night.

Nothing” she replied, “just feeling a little dizzy.”

Aww” Martin cooed. He grabbed a glass of water from the kitchen, and put his arm around her shoulders.

This will make you feel better” he said.

If only it were that simple, Rhea thought.

The End

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