Nothing NewMature


I didn’t realize moment by moment

Minute by minute I would be tested

When all I’ve ever wanted was to be just like the summers wind

A whisper of heat

A never ending mystery

But you, YOU take the fabric of my being, My very soul and rip it to shreds

Lay it out to view

Always with disdainful eyes ofcourse

You don’t have to say a thing, but you do

Ofcourse you do

And worst of all


I like it better when you hit me

Saves me the trouble of doing it later

Slit my wrists and let the sorrow spill out

And bitterness coagulates it all

I can’t wait to show you my eye sore

Your time was black and blue but mine will be bloody

This meek girl will grow crimson crusty blooms on your good towels

The End

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