Reality Starts Up Again

I lifted my head and sighed. I was back home, in my own tall, fluffy, super comfortable bed, in my own blue room. I walked down the two flights of stairs to the kitchen, rubbing the sleep from my eyes.

"Hi, mom. Hi, dad."

My parents turned to face me.

"Hi, honey! Did you have a good sleep?" Asked my mom.

"Yea, I did." I answered. I yawned as I sat down at the island.

Our kitchen was absolutely beautiful. We had brown counters with black and white marble counter-tops. Our island was the same. The island was three feet high and then rose about a foot higher where the barstools were. The barstools were square and brown. The cushions were white and soft. There were cupboards above the counters alll along the walls. We had stainless steel appliances and the best blender money could buy.

"What's for breakfast?" I asked my dad.

"Bacon." He answered.

"And eggs, dear. Don't forget the eggs." My mom added.

"Haha! Yes, dear. Don't worry, I didn't forget the eggs." My dad said, laughing.

As we ate, we talked about school and how excited I was about going back.

"What did the principal say about me going back?" I asked my parents.

"Oh, he said he was proud of you for doing so well." My mom explained. "The doctors at the hospital told him that you wouldn't be going back to the school for another two years because of your 'Impairement'. He was blown away!"

My mom laughed as I gaped at her.

"Really!? They said that!? Oh, I am so mad! I can't believe they thought I was gonna be retarded the rest of my life! UGH!" I yelled. "That's it. I'm gonna go give that 'Doctor' a piece of my mind! The one that he didn't cut out!"

I got up from the tableand got my coat.

"C'mon, mom! I don't care what you think! I'm gonna kill that doctor if I have to!

The End

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