What Do I Order??

What do I order? What do I order? What do I order??

"Brandon? Have you eaten at this restaurant, before?"

"Yea, why? Oh! You want to know what to get?"

"Yea, I've never actually eaten outside of home and school. Sorry." I said, bowing my head and blushing.

"It's okay. All my friends ask me that question when my football team comes here for an after-game snack! Just get the lasagna."

During supper, we ate and talked about school, friends, and if Brandon had told anyone about our date.

"Don't worry. I'll wait 'til you can come back to school before I tell anyone."

On our way to pay for our suppers, Brandon's parents insisted on paying the bill.

"Don't worry, we'll take this. We've got money to spare!" My parents exclaimed. "We'll pay the bill. Like you said, you're short on cash!"

When we were on our way home, mom and dad started talking.

"We're happy to tell you that you were actually released from the hospital this morning!" My mom exclaimed.

"What?? When? How? Why?"

"The doctor told us that you made so much progress that you were actually ahead of the rest of your class! You're going back to school on Monday!"

I thought I was going to faint. I was going back to school! Of course, reality was going to have to come back someday. When it did, it was going to come back with a crash.

The End

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