My Life-Changing Decision

After my mom's unexpected outburst, we went home. I immediately went to my room, knowing that they wouldn't give me any space for the next few days while I contemplated the decision ahead of me.

Surprisingly, neither of my parents came to see me,all except to see if I wanted to eat supper and if I wanted it in bed. Other than that, they didn't even come upstairs. I was excused from all my classes to help with my decision. All my teachers were notified of my "Medical Illness". It was extremely embarrassing.

Three days after the tumor was discovered, I made my decision. I wouldn't tell my parents until I had told the doctor, so they took me, thinking I was going to tell them. I wasn't.

My doctor got another doctor to take over his patient while he saw me. I told my parents to wait in the waiting room until I told the doctor my decision and, as usual, they argued my decision. I went into the doctor's office without them and locked the door behind me.

"So, Chloe, what is your decision?" He asked.

"I-I... I want the s-surgery. I j-just don't want m-my p-parents to know. P-please. They w-won't-"

"Don't be nervous. I don't bite. You don't want your parents knowing because they don't want you to get the surgery. They don't trust me, do they? Hahaha! I kind of expected that of them, believe it or not."

I was relieved that he understood me. He was the first to actually do that. I liked him for that.

"So, when do I get the surgery?" I asked.

"When would work for you? Actually, I was kind of hoping we could do it in an hour. Would that work?"

I just stared at him in shock. I was so worried that I would have to wait a month. I just wanted to get the surgery over with without my parents even knowing I had gone into surgery.

"Yes! Of course now would work! I was hoping you'd say that it would be sometime this week! Thank you so much! I'll go see if we can roam around the mall for an hour."

"Give me your cellphone number, that way I can call you and not freak out your parents, okay?"

"Okay." I gave him my cell number and we left to go to the mall.

I'd told my parents that the doctor had taken more X-Rays and had needed an hour to develop them. He would call when he wanted us to come look at them.

We hung out at the food court, then my mom bought me a whole new wardrobe! Then, at two-thirty sharp, the doctor called.

When we got to the hospital, I got into the operating robe and layed on the table. The doctor came in and put me to sleep. I felt kind of guilty for tricking my parents like this, but it had to be done or they would've dragged me home by my shirt front.

Two hours later, I woke up, groggy and tired. I heard my parents screaming outside the steel door.

"I can't believe you would do this, you stupid jerk! I don't care what my kid wants! I just don't want her walking around like a-a zombie freak!"

I felt betrayed. I hated them. To think that my own parents! But, could I blame them? Their little girl going into surgery without them knowing or approving, getting surgery on her brain to be forever impaired? I just didn't think they'd get this serious about it.

I immediately thought of Brandon. I quickly got off the operating table and padded to the door. My parents and the doctor didn't know I had woken up. They had migrated to the front desk and were now arguing about how irresponsible he was to give a fourteen-year-old girl surgery against the will of her parents. I opened the door as quietly as I could and padded to Brandon's room.

The End

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