The Difficult Decision

The police let me ride in the back of the ambulance with Brandon. They wanted to give me a check-up, too, because I was in the accident, as well as Brandon. I was nervous. I had no idea what was wrong with Brandon. I knew he had at least four broken ribs, but that's all I could get out of the nurse in the ambulance.

When we got to the hospital, they moved Brandon immediately into the O.R. They brought me to give me a check-up, as they had promised in the ambulance.

When I walked into the waiting room after my X-Rays, my parents came running at me, crying.

"Oh! My baby's alright! Oh, we were so worried! Did you see the X-Rays yet, baby? Oh, well, nevermind. It can't be anything serious if you're hugging me!" My mom was nearly in hysterics. Ugh, parents can be so embarrassing, even in hospitals.

"Sharlotte! You're gonna strangle the poor child!" My dad sighed. "Besides, I haven't had a chance to hug my little girl!"

Ugh! I'm fourteen and my dad still treats me like I'm five! Jeez!

"How's the other kid? Didn't someone push you out of the way of that car?"

Jeez... My mom was psychic! Either she had already heard about the accident since it happened on the end of our street, or she was just wierd.

"Brandon. Brandon Harvey pushed me out of the way. He's in the O.R."

"Oh, my poor baby! Wasn't that Brady boy the only boy you liked in your entire school!? I feel so bad for you!" My mom was always acting- sorry, trying to act like a teenager. She hadn't been a teenager in, like, fifteen years!

"What's this about a boy, I hear?" Ugh... My dad. He's such a freak. He just won't leave me alone!

"Carl, it's called Hormones. You have them, too. Now, cool your jets and sympathize with your daughter. She's the only daughter we have, so you're going to have to deal with boys hanging around. She's so beautiful, the only reason she hasn't had a boyfriend yet is because you always scare all the boys off!" My dad was the chief of police before I was born and he still has a gun. He doesn't like the idea of his "Little Baby Girl" having an abusive boyfriend, like my mom's first boyfriend.

"Dad, I can take care of myself with guys, you know. That's why you enrolled me in Karate, Boxing, and all that other stuff. You know I can take care of myself, you just don't want me growing up too fast."

That's when the doctor that took my X-Rays finally decided to show up and rescue me from a grounding.

"Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Martin. I have something to show you and your daughter, if you would just come into my office." Uh-oh. "I need to show you the X-Rays. There is something I think you should see." Double uh-oh.

We went into the doctor's office and the first thing we saw were my brain X-Rays. There was a big, white spot in the middle of my brain.

"What's that big spot, there?" I said, pointing. My dad had my mom wrapped in a hug, her face on his chest. Her shoulders were shaking. She was crying, so I knew that spot wasn't the news they were hoping for.

"I'm sorry, Chloe, but you have a small tumor in the right side of your brain." Dr. Calvin said sadly, looking at the floor.

"What? I-I d-don't get it. What does it matter what side it's on!? A tumor in the brain is a tumor in the brain! Who cares what side it's on!"

"No. It does matter. You see, the right side of the brain is the side that is used more. It controls more of your body than the left side does. If we try to remove the tumor, your brain will be damaged forever and you'll have to start life over from the beginning, learning everything over again. On the other hand, you can just leave it there, but you'll only have about two months to live your life the way you want to live it. Also, if you take the second choice, you'll be excused from any school activities, as you won't be needing any real knowledge. You'll be out in the world, traveling, I don't know what you'll do with your two months of spare time, but I suggest doing what you would normally only dream of doing. That's what I suggest. But why listen to me? I'm only a doctor. Not an activities specialist."

I could only stare. It just happened, one shocking event after the other, and I didn't like the way this life was going. I was already trying to decide what to do when my mother finally decided to have an opinion.

"No! We're not risking her life! I'd rather see my little baby dead than stupid as a stump! Never will she get that surgery!"

"Sharlotte! I think she can make her own decision. She's fourteen, now. Let's at least listen to what she has to say about this." Oh, so my dad can't let me have a boyfriend, but if I decided I wanted to leave this tumor in my head and die, he'd be perfectly fine and respect my decision!?

Nuh-uh! I will not let them do this to me.

The End

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