Nothing Intelligent

A girl is saved from getting hit by a drunk driver by her crush. Her friends call the hospital and her crush gets admitted into the hospital. She gets a check-up, and finds out that she has a tumor in her brain. She can either risk an operation and be permanently damaged for the rest of her life, or leave it, and die in 2 months.

Chapter One:

A Heartbreaking Sacrifice

I was walking to school, my friends chattering happily in my ears about a concert they had gone to. As they volleyed back and forth, I was daydreaming about Brandon Harvey. He was in my P.E. class, and he helped me with everything. I absolutely hate gym! He was so cute! I hoped to have him as my boyfriend some day...

That's when it all happened. I didn't hear anything. It was like being in a steel test tube. I wasn't paying attention.

I didn't hear the click-clacking of my BFF's heels, I didn't hear them yelling at me to get out of the way.

"Run! Run, Chloe! You're gonna get run over! Run! CHLOE!"

I felt something push against the small of my back, and I flew to the other side of the road. I was safe. But from what? I heard the sickening thump of someone being hit or pushed to the ground. I turned around and I saw him. Brandon Harvey. Laying in the path of a drunk driver's vehicle. The driver slowly opened the door and slowly got out of his car. He took one look at Brandon and his jaw dropped. He slowly turned his head and looked at me.

"Oh my God. What have I done? I-I can't stay here! I have to get outta here! I can't go to jail! I have two kids. You understand why I can't go to jail, right? Right?!" The driver was frantic with fear. I was in shock, so I couldn't answer any of his frantic questions. I was frozen to the spot Brandon had pushed me to. I just sat there, staring at the man who possibly killed Brandon Harvey, my future sweetheart.

I couldn't move, so the driver took that as a "Go ahead, leave me." The driver quickly got back in his car and swerved away. He dissapeared behind my shocked tears and a cloud of dust.

That was the moment my friends decided to show up to see if I had been killed or not. They all had crushes on Brandon, and when they saw him lying in the middle of the street, they all gasped. All five of them started asking who that was.

"C'mon! We have to go see who that is! It couldn't be Brandon Harvey! As if he would save someone like Chloe. She's a total loser!" So, they were just pretending to be my friend? I should've known.

"Oh my gosh! It is Brandon Harvey! Call the hospital, the police, anybody!"

I looked up from my shaking, scraped, bloody hands. I got up and pushed them all away from Brandon.

"Brandon?" I said, in a shaky voice. I couldn't cry. Not in front of them. "Brandon? Can you answer me? Kaitlynn's calling the ambulance, okay? I'm going to go home and get help." I was starting to tear up. " I live two houses down on this street, so I'm going to get my mom. She's a retired nurse, she could get you in the hospital quickly. I'll be right-" Brandon slowly and painfully turned his head to face me.

"Don't leave me, Chloe. After what I did to save you, don't leave me here to die." He coughed weakly. I gently put his head onto my lap. He coughed again, and I covered his mouth with my hand. I looked at it after he was done and there was a few drops of blood on it. He was coughing up blood.

In the ten minutes it took the police cars and ambulances to get there, it had felt like ten years. It didn't matter to me how scraped up I was. Brandon was my main concern. Nothing else mattered.

The End

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