You seemed so unreal
Not at all of this world
All I wanted was your touch
Your manipulation I never heard

You spoke to me so bluntly
yet your words were like riddles
I couldn't understand your attention
Why you picked me
Why you thought I was worth the time

Now looking back at pictures
I see what you were
Nothing more than a human
Not as godly as I thought
You stole all of my self worth

Your touch was hit me so hard
When I realised you were nothing like imagined
Those words that sucked me into your reality
Fell away so fast into nothingness

Your face is always in my head
Whenever I close my eyes
Even now I see it
those taunting eyes
They stare at me and see though me
You thought you knew it all
But in the end I had nothing
And your thoughts made no difference tall

I don't remember why I loved you
I don't know how I fell so hard
but something made me want to try
To grab your attention
Now when you look at me you show no remorse
And this is what hurts me most of all

You used me for your games
You took my teenage heart
And turned into something
I was not at all ready for

Your face will never leave me
Nor the things you did to me
But I know now that I don't love you
And I never will
What I felt for you
That feeling of wanting you by my side
Was a little child crying out for help
Just looking for a guide

I hoped that you could heal the wounds
I hoped you'd set me free
But you just made me realise
Its from people like you that I need to be free

When you look back on those moments
That I stared into your eyes
You feel no love like I did
You just wanted a new game to play

You tried to get me into them
Your ways of thinking and tricks
But luckily he woke me up
To realise
I'll never be that fool again

You'll never look into my eyes
Or feel my skin again
And I have looked elsewhere for help
And found it right here with him

You think you know it all
But in fact know nothing
I hope they all see through you
In the end
though it hurts me to even think this
I know you'll end up with nothing at all

The End

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