A 'Household Object'Mature

A collection of my work from Creative Writing class

The stench hits your nostrils and you recoil in horror. A foul odour travels slowly through your body like heat and makes you nauseous to the core. You see it then. An acidic taste rises in your mouth and you wonder if it is bile or just the rancid smell of the rotting fox.

Once beautiful and sleek, patches of amber and snow-white fur remain across the animal's torso, identifying it proudly. It stands on three skeletal paws with claws that dig into the old wooden plaque as if determined to stay. The last paw finishes in the middle of the leg and the animal seems to tilt forward as you notice this. You ponder where it might have gone... or who took it.

There is one part of the majestic beast you have avoided to look at. Your eyes meet with his dark orbs and he sneers: the skin and flesh from the snout rotted, leaving a permanent snarl. He's taunting you. The one ear that remains stands tall and alert, able to hear all that might pass by the closed door of the tiny storage room. It is his den and you are an intruder. Despite this, you feel compelled to touch the silky fur. Teeth bared, claws out, his brown eyes watch your every movement.

Before you have a chance to think, your hand is in his fur, grasping handfuls that fall away in clumps as you open your fist. It isn't as soft as you had hoped. It's rough against your open palms like cheap wool. Perhaps the long hairs of the flame-coloured tail would suit better and your hand runs smoothly from the shoulders to tail but stops.

Is it worth it only to find the hairs are no different? Should there be this last mystery about the creature? It had been there since you could remember - what more mystery is needed? Grabbing the tail, all the thoughts of the malodour are gone. A sigh escapes you. It is softer than anything you can remember, though in this moment only the fox occupies your thoughts. The gorgeous, soft boy whose snarl turns into a smile. Finally he is loved how he was always supposed to be. Gorgeous, fragile boy.

The End

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