Notes For A New Anime Story

Wow, catchy title.

I'm starting my own Story/Anime about a high school. Here are the main characters:

(Main Characters)
Haikouto Tuastutu- Pink Hair Brown Eyes. Fox Trainer/Shy one. 16.
Melody Futhumia- (Main) Brown Hair Amber eyes. Wolf Rider/Confident One. 16.
Dragonia Setsui- Blonde Hair Blue Eyes. Dragon Trainer/Shy One. 16.
Reiji Erinloa- Black Hair Red/Brown Eyes. Human/Hearthorb One. 17.
Koichima Rian- Siver Hair Blue Eyes. Lightning Controler/Handsome one. 17.
Futhca Koizumi- Blonde Hair Brown Eyes. Human/Smart One. 17.

(Main Animals)
Kaiko- Dark Grey Wolf, Red Eyes. Belongs To Melody.
Desho- Red Fox, Black Eyes, Belongs to Haikouto. Contradicting one.

Fursu Futhumia- Blue hair brown eyes. 16.
Junu Goodlia- Silver hair amber eyes. 18.
Haruhi Junusan- Black hair black eyes.17.
Suzumi Windra- Black hair red eyes. 18.
Mikuru Gandria- Blonde hair green eyes. 16.
Mitsuru Gandria- Blonde hair green eyes. 18.
Kushina Swendia- Red hair red eyes. 16
Kikina Eo- Blue hair blue eyes. 17.

Thats all of em. Melody is the main character.

Heres a glimpse:

Melody: Haikouto-Chan! C'mon the swimming pools RIGHT in front of us!

Haikouto: But Melody-Chan! I-i can't swim...

Melody: Then i'll teach you! C'mon! *Grabs wrist* AND WE'RE OFF!

Futhca: ....Uh Melody. If she can't swim...

Melody: Arrrrgh your anoyhing! C'MON EVERYONE!


The End

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