Not Really Anti-Church

This talks about the case of Carlos Celdran when he voiced out his pro-RH sentiments.

Not Really Anti-Church

Recently, debates about RH bill (H.B. 4244) packed the TV news and broadsheets. CBCP strenuously opposed it by bringing the “faithful” in the roads to express their ire about the bill and even the proponents of the bill. Abruptly, Pnoy marked it as an exigent bill. Debates regarding it, started again, until it was satisfyingly passed. It was scrutinized and had due process. But suddenly, the SC ceased its implementation for 120 days and oral arguments will be heard on June 18. Now, SC junked as well former Akbayan Party list representative Risa Hontiveros’ motion to uplift the TRO. Risa is one of the many champions of RH bill and bills for women and the marginalized. How about the mothers who wanted reproductive health services? Mothers who want options? What awaits them?
The editorial of Solita Collas-Monsod entitled, “One Galileo Case is Enough for the Church” is a riveting read. She expounds the reading material, “What happened at Vatican II” by John W. O’Malley, SJ. O’Malley is an icon of academe. He gave the readers a picture of what happened at the 4-year proceedings of Vatican II and how the conservatives did neglect the issues regarding birth control. Certain bishops, however, fought back and earned the ire of other bishops and even the Papa. One of the great bishops was His Beatitude Maximos IV Saigh. He called the attention of the council in lieu with birth control. He said that birth control is a challenge that the Church should confront and not neglect. He avowed that this issue becomes a cleavage for most families and the Church, since most families are already subscribing into this method. He forthrightly declared that the Church should require a modern research- theological, medical, psychological, and sociological.
Another pious and stout bishop was Cardinal Leon Joseph Suenens that according to O’Malley had scandalized the conservatives. He said, “We have learned a few things since Aristotle and Agustine… I plead with you, brothers. We must avoid another Galileo case. One is enough for the Church.” It earned the ire of the former Papa Paul VI.
I just wonder these are genuine bishops who were really pious and practical. We are now in the year 2013, a much modernized age. The Church should start asking if they are still the church of the poor and the people, or just the church of some. It is a great thing that Saigh has the knowledge that the Church ought to confront certain issues like birth control. He said that the Church had learned a lot of things and succeeded many ordeals since Aristotle and the great Doctor of the Church, St. Augustine.

The Church should be the voice of the poor and the unrepresented. That includes poor mothers who want reproductive health services and other options whether modern or artificial. That includes the LGBT, for equality and dialogue. That includes the beggars who go to Mass with slippers who were refused to be given of the Body of Christ because of non-compliance to the dress code. That includes bums who knock on the window of the Fortuner, Pajero, Innova of the Holy Bishops, Monsignors and Priests. That includes minors and women who accused various clergymen that they were sexually abused. These are all scandals that the Church should confront, including RH Law. Fr. Bernas, SJ, a proponent of the RH Law, saying that not all Filipinos are Catholics. RH Law is indeed a choice. No one will be coerced to use such things—it is a choice. 

Amidst all of these scandals the Church especially the CBCP still has hope thanks to the example of Papa Francis. The Holy Father urged bishops to give sanctions to erring priests. I give two thumbs up for the respond of Bishop Emeritus Oscar Cruz that they will penalize guilty priests. I look forward that their words will match their deeds. The CBCP should exemplify that they are simple, chaste and pro-poor. From the example of Papa Francis, I can see a beam of hope. I am not an anti-Church. Not all the priests are erring, not all are luxurious. I know lot of priests who really serve Christ and follow Mary’s virtues. Should we also dub great fathers like Bernas, Tabora, Saigh and Suenens as anti-Church or are they just pro-poor, practical and modernized? Are they anti-Church or just want to brazen the current especially red-hot issues surrounding the Church? We should be grateful to these people because they serve as eye openers for the Clergy. 

If I’ll be the Pope, I would canonize this people immediately. Making them Sts. Bernas, Tabora, Saigh and Suenens—they are the real martyrs of the Church. 

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