The Edge

Something to do. Something to see.

Perhaps I should write this.

Perhaps I should write that.

Perhaps I should make this character.

Perhaps I should make him shoot a zombie

Maybe I should make the President an action hero.

Or maybe I should write something where a character doesn't  know what to write about. 

Maybe I should do this thing.

Maybe I should do that thing.

Or Maybe not. Maybe nothing

Maybe I should sit.. and tap away at this keyboard. Maybe I should let loose some brain vomit. Maybe I will.

Vomit Vomit Vomit Barbara Streisand Foxes hens Zombies Michael Jackson Robert Duvall Edge. So Much EDGE!. Where IS THIS EDGE? YOUR MOTHER THATS WHERE! Why? Why life? Why death? Why 5 stages of terminal illness? Why not just one? Why this? Why that? I'm SLIM SHADY YES I'M THE REAL SHADY!

...That was horrible. Lets agree to never do that again. 

Lets agree to do it again.

Let us not.

Let us do.

Let us not.

....Oh just shutup already. 

The End

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