Don't fight me cause I'm no one.I'm the face u see when u look n the mirror.I'm the light that shines to the darkness but yet im noone.I'm something to someone but noone to myself.I'm that voice n yo head that ur thoughts cant complete. I'm the mouth that speaks them.but yet I'm friends say I'm someone but I tell them I'm noone .I'm that trigger that goes off but yet noone knows me I'm the stain ppl take I'm the body that they drop the finnesser that they finness but I'm noone.I'm the casket that they carry I'm the tombstone they the print.I'm the tears that roll down your mother's face when she tells the story of how her child was killed all because  They  were mistaken for someone when really they were tell me I'm someone and my words will say yet I'm noone.

The End

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