Again, the result of my giving my hands up to the likes of this poor keyboard.

The handwriting is scattered. It goes all over the page in a way that some people may find aesthetically displeasing and some may value or take mild interest in. They nod their heads in unison to a simple beat given by a string instrument unidentifiable to them. It is generally inferred that they were out of their minds when they wrote it down. Nobody really knows what they meant, either - it's just nonsense drawn from the bodies of strangers in who knows what kind of state or in what time in history. How old is it anyway? Nobody really knows, they just pass it on like some kind of secret note in a classroom - those notes that you remember only passing around because you were in school and everybody knows that that's what people expected you to do when you thought the teacher had their back turned.
     Perhaps this time it will be treasured; though it has not been decrypted yet, its equivocality may bring humans to place a certain degree of faith and spirituality in what they do not understand, thus opening interpretations for however many generations of obsessive people will last for before somebody burns the note.

The End

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