No Wisdom

There’s no serenity in wisdom

I was tricked by the television

I was certain I would know peace

But everything in this life seems to be a trade off

The cost of wisdom is innocence



I’m not calling out

What would I shout?


They all think they know how to save you

“There’s wholeness and it’s not up for grabs

You got to make it!”

Tell me what it looks like

Will I recognize it when I see it?

Will it look like nothing else I’ve ever seen?




Minor things I suppose

Better than waiting, I guess

You can’t mail order happiness

I’ve tried it doesn’t work

I just wish there was some guarantee that after it all, you’d get somewhere

You paid the price and got something in return

More than just a burden

Oh these glorious circles aren’t halos

Patterns we just can’t seem to escape

The End

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