No, We Can't Go For Dinner

Just some thoughts that need a place to belong. Seemed as good a place as any to write them down. Hopefully work on my writing style a little and get some pointers.

Why are you still single?

That has to be one of the worst and dumbest questions in the world.  Followed closely by:

Well why don't you just go out for dinner?

"I'm single because God wants me to be, and I'm just co-operating."(quote from MC-a friend of mine).  I don't have to co-operate, and I haven't always in the past.  That hasn't exactly turned out all that great for me.  I know plenty of girls who will go for dinner and a movie with any relatively good-looking thing that asks them out.

I won't.

I have high standards when it comes to a future husband.  These are lessons learned the hard way over the majority of my adult life.  One thing that I have decided; there's no such thing as too picky.  So if a man who asks me out doesn't come anywhere near the qualities that I believe are important, should I just go anyways?  I mean really, what's a free dinner?  Maybe a movie?  Some cuddle time if I'm really lucky?

What it is, is a waste of time.  It's a waste of his time, and it's definitely a waste of my time.  I pray I don't have much more "single time" ahead of me, but even if I do, what's a better use of that time?  Worrying over how I'm going to introduce him to my parents?  Feeling depressed because this relationship is never going to go anywhere?  Being angry that he won't change into the kind of guy I want to marry?

Or would my time be better spent growing and developing as a Christian?  As a human being?

Let's say the average date takes up 3 hours on a Friday night.  Add up all those Friday nights, taking into consideration the Fridays we worry away because no one asked us out that night; and we wind up with alot of time.  Time that serves no purpose whatsoever.  My time is valuable to me.  I could take those 3 hours and write, practice piano, read something informative, relax and spend some time with just me, hang out with friends... all of these things are far more beneficial than 3 hours wasted on a guy.

Now, there are probably going to be alot of people reading this thinking that I am some angry bitter single person.  I'm not, I have my moments to be sure, but really, I'm not angry or bitter.  I could get a date if I wanted one, I've been tempted because wow, some of those guys are total powdered donuts (if you understand that joke you HAVE to message me lol).

In the end, however tempted I might be, my response is always,

No, sorry, we can't go for dinner.

The End

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